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Is pretty wide yeah no i'm with you know silent movies i didn't include any movies that had no dialogue entirely and there aren't that many choose from but a movie like the tribe that came out recently has no dialogue at all and i also tried to avoid movies that are mostly dialogue free movies that rely on visuals way more than they relying on sound and on talking amongst the characters so movie like the tree of life for example is one i probably didn't really consider three iron the kim ki duk film elephant even jacques to tease playtime and then there are these other movies that are really about loneliness and isolation so there's not a lot of talking whether it might be something like castaway or all is lost redford film even the ones that take place in space two thousand one not a lot of talking great film also in the pantheon so not eligible solaris not eligible not eligible what about for me it's eligible for you michael because i'm not i'm not here every week i've played by our rule now i have a day pass to the pantheon exactly goes pose another film we both love i know nouri bill jay lawns once upon a time in anatolia i think is is already a film that relies a lot on silence so having certain scenes that really stand out because of a murder yeah harder to choose and i didn't really pick many of those another good example would be something like brisson zinnemann escaped run entire film based on its sound design and the lack of dialogue so tried to pick movies that are maybe more traditional and how they use out and how they incorporate dialogue but have these really standout moments and scenes i also just randomly sorted decided i wasn't gonna go with any bergman films not that they're not fantastic but there's just so many choose from the silence traumatized by by some sort of taciturn swede or youth.

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