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We live next to each other anyway. Then I think uses that to explain clean where she took the parrot him Like she's doing sort of a half like I said the first one drove me bucket shots. What's next she's like your ask your friends and I'd be like okay? No problem because I didn't fucking say that. Give me my pin. Yeah bill gave me as a very weird. You told me. Yeah I can have in the first thing keys. Beautiful Silver keys okay. The first the first sort of strange while I guess strange thing that we see with honey those is Becka coming home from school and honey's in her room crying talking talking to never mind talking to someone and trying on her clothes yes and she's wearing that's when she's wearing the silky blue blouse she is. She's wearing the scourge skirt that that that Becca hasn't even try has even put on worn wrapping paper skirts. So he's going to where over slinky black catsuit to the Christmas party. You'd be Christmas I I. It's not great. I'm picturing it and it's not great. I can't even really picture it. Honestly can I can I can. That's good. It looks like I need to see like what do you I I I literally googled catsuit while we were while I was reading it and I needed. Yeah like legs and arms legs right together. Legs and arms together all black and she. We know the skirt is silver. We know it's shiny way I'm still stuck on the catsuit. Actually self was the neck. Go up like a Turtleneck as crew neck like a crew necks being a scoop neck serving us like ballet. This is what she serving us. Seventh Grade Dance Recital. Okay it is it is it Meryl Streep Death Becomes her. That's got a black catsuit. Been Aker No. It's the last night. Maybe that's why it's in my head. Okay so she's not the cat to. I always imagine the catsuit as that fabric. That's lightly Sparkley. You're not so interesting. It doesn't say that we talk about the the silvery doesn't say we talk about the said the black cat is slinky. I know that I think it's like a Lycra but it's not. I don't know if my little gas wanted to be sparklys show. I think there's a shiny shimmer to it now. I think we're saying I think it would have been better. But let's facts are facts and that's how it is look. I'm not giving you my opinion. I'm giving you. The facts are facts. Erica my opinion is I don't Wanna I don't WanNa bring my feelings into it. How we have gotten Puckett about facts? What actually that's why we're we're catsuit? WanNa be part of the problem. It's the it's the stretchy material you were like in the light it has like that Sheen. Yes like where. It's like hitting it. Well that's like Jay Carney. Your skin is through so you would see flash photo the red carpet you can see right through it which you need to be wearing like cargo fisherman suit suit silky silver skirt underneath orange skirt looks like a picture. It's me a wraps ker. Don't don't know why so picturing sort of like almost pencil skirt oh silly straight just like or nothing much to be crazy accordion. Is that too much. Sorry I on the fact that I prefer that. But you're right it's out there but I think it's silky many for me it's like a crappy wrap skirt like you know the ones that kind of look like I'm picturing dance outfit. I think I'm a sexual electorally in this time. In those listening have given more thought time listener. Missile sign did when he was nine percent. I'm sure he's like girls like shiny stuff. She has a Chinese silver skirt over a black catsuit and that yeah and yet here we are ruminate to a question. Yes we only knows silver Silver skirt it just keeps saying Silver Sarai needs more than that then remember. There was a moment where she's describing and she's like I found this great silver skirt Italy going to just bring bring their into tears. Yours is really short in the little shop in the old village. Yes yes I got a great skirt. Becca like I said enthusiastically. It's really short and really silky. If any silver silky mini skirt though. So it's not tight because I imagine it being sort of like allusively kind of yeah be like but like like it really moves. Yes on her body but short. I should've guessed it was just like a strip of fabric. That's around her waist. Yeah but I saw it. Being like sort of a fold over. Waste is the material with a zipper. It's remarkable enough people comment on it at the party. Yeah and it's unique enough that everybody thinks what a funny fucking joke. Yeah that when honey which was up. She hasn't been the executive haircut that bitch. Honestly Talk Choker and push her down some stairs. Cut The brakes in her bike. Yeah you know what Poetic Justice. Yeah you push her down some stairs you proper up on a bike pusher in front of a truck and then after she's been hate. Hey you go up and you strangle her yes yes night with the balloon. o- silting it over her face and your water board with the new wave hair then you hold a knife onto the night with her blue her. I see blue blouse gets water on it. Yes yes I've been crash your car. And then crashing car. Have Eric come over and just like go. It's been unreal twenty-one feedback. Yeah that's the other thing. Do you remember the moment where shows like China to about bikes and you can tell that. Rl has done like a little bike research because she's like what kind of bikes did you guys have. What is that like a three speed and Becca um speed or something like that? He probably had one also inducements books. He loves extended baseball sequences. which date on? I don't identify with could I on. I don't understand that we were down third and the bases were loaded. And we're like what the what we've noticed as the RL Stein loves is that the Joker Guy like the funny joke boy likes put food on his face or body Support Egg on his eyes. Earlier there is very fifties joke. Fuck Oh wow.

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