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An appointment. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Data has news 93.1 kfbk. Thank you, Jana and brought you by life sores. Whole house water systems. You kfbk forecast a couple clowns tonight with a low 42 44. Terribly cloudy skies tomorrow with a high 55 to 59 times of sunshine and clouds for Sunday with a high 60 to 64. Thank you. Others. Gregory Patrick news than a 3.1 kfbk Happy Nice have a fairly sunny weekend and it looks like the rain could return for the start of the week. Right now. It's 52. L grow 46 El Dorado Hills and ranch could over. You've got 50 degrees there. Let's get your business and money News. Kelly Brothers handles that Kelly are keeping the money guy and certified financial planner Gamestop up again. Believe it or not, thieves. Some of these shorts positions the short positions. They mean they've lost $20 billion This week, but some of them are hanging in there. They're getting bailouts from some of their friends on. Of course, one of the fears here is that if the losses grow even steeper, somebody's head phones. They have to sell whatever they have to cover some of the losses and pay off some of their investors. And of course, when that happens, they're selling and that we will drive the market down. But Still very volatile out there for the week. All three major averages down over 3%. We also shut down the month of January today, believe it or not, 1/12 of the year already passed in the market, and for the month the NASDAQ was up about 1.4%..

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