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But that's also really not a model that anyone can has has successfully been able to do in California politics before with speaking of, you know, big campaigns where you have to raise and spend a lot of money, right? You know, the entire model is different in California. So that is interesting to see California, try to change that the campaigning model is different to there's there's no retail politics in California. You just run TV ads, and and that will give it we'll see that in the in the primary, but at least in Iowa New Hampshire, and these these other early states, she has to change the way she campaigns. But I think as as you know, the this year started or even last year, she just spent a ton of money building Email lists and really trying to nurture that list. You saw. Her. I think be pretty judicious during the midterm elections about how often she would lend out that list, very protective of building it. And I think she has a pretty strong digital operation now to to be able to compete. You know, I I did want. I thought it was so interesting this idea that people have to maintain momentum with these lists. I guess the inverse of that is you talk to some of these lesser candidates or not top tier candidates who the idea of momentum for them means that they can hang around in the race longer. Because the the DEA that, you know, maybe not today, maybe not next month. But heck, maybe an October or November something could happen that would light a spark for them. It it lends this hope I think to a lot of candidates who might other was in a more traditional fundraising universe. Really see that. They don't have prospects right from the outset. But then, you know, if they get to a point where they hang around long enough that they catch fire like Rick Santorum did and in the twenty twelve. Republican primary or eventually Sanders did in in two thousand sixteen that if they have the infrastructure built at that moment. Then all the sudden, it's a, you know, all systems go. Yeah. Or even crazier than that. They look at you know, Aurora, and they say, well, we don't need to have any infrastructure. We don't need to have anything. We just needed to have a YouTube moment. And if it comes then I'll find somebody who knows how to TV ads. The other aspect of this though is to to have those moments to generate that kind of money, the the essential ingredient is authenticity. I mean, you just can't create a work. I think was able to to raise gobs of money was because there wasn't authenticity campaign. And it was the same thing about Bernie, no matter how you feel about Bernie or the Brady broS the campaign, or whatever there was an authenticity to his message that really fueled that campaign in fueled the online donations, and I don't know that that is a very easy thing to create. I agree with that. It's not a very easy thing to create the great thing about it, though is that it's it's easy to measure. And that's something we're going to be looking into a lot over over the next year as as a key indicator of who has momentum. And it's going to be an another kind of key piece along with pols, which are going to bounce around a lot, and and, you know, media mentions or or what have you that that we should all be keeping very close track of through twenty nineteen. That was excellent. Thank you so much for for being here. Elena. Thank you very much. David. Thanks. Jumped on the phone. Thank you. And they have to ask no wild kingdom moments this week. No dogs, tweeting songbird backyard. What's going on out there? Well, it's pretty calm day in in California. Charlie. Thank you as always. Thank you. And a big thank you to all of you our listeners for tuning in this week. Our producers Mickael Rodriguez. Dave Shaw is our executive producer are illustrator is Bill cookman if you like the nerd cast. And if you're listening on apple podcasts do us a favor and leave a review it helps new listeners find the show once again, thank you so much for tuning in. We'll talk to you again next week. Panoply.

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