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Well I'll tell ya and not only my style but I believe this might want to follow my advice I have a Manila envelope that has why is that led by it yeah I'm saying the host thirty card right postal banks who filed papers called I would grab back right to use my phone well probably be out the door it would be back quick I wouldn't be worrying about anything else because files are you concerned it is a site in place would burn in those pictures here hello just burn Hey thanks gonna be impact a light okay soul backs what I would grab I wouldn't hang around looking around hello the it connects cold no calls on my back but you've got all the things that you need basically you're saying sort of ready to go in the event that something might happen it does the things that are in that Manila envelope the important documents that you need and that you that you want to say but comparing golf one nine what may be bad one year ago because we had been in a prior and so I was like a little you know she told me having this what you want to build a ship complete quicker hello well I have all but type stuff I I I don't know if I missed this do you also could you cut out for one second while we were talking did you also have a birth certificate in there yes he did how you do that okay I wasn't sure I got that okay yeah that anything that I that applies link so about I have to go somewhere else so I have my dear Sir polite map a couple papers and lightning that I'm the law excellent excellent and and and and and it's it's just sitting there ready to go in case of an emergency you have it well very good and I will run I would recommend it I would recommend it to others that that will have or have it listed case you ever check in case we're going to end up somewhere and well you might need that she might need that we didn't take the wheelchair think of what you might have to take with you as far as personal bank account some of the listing right now plan ahead hope you never ever have to use what ever you've thrown together but if you do Frank you back to the wall and you do have to take things gosh darn it I hope this will help you prepare for the future good advice yeah yeah thank you very much thank you for the call thank god willing good Kevin and welcome aboard gland Hey Glen yeah yes I did the dirty deed again everything back about Mike took to talking watches in may two talking keychains but let me I can do it I had dug from here come to six my clock it was that I can't do my clock radio he had to do that right Houston AT took my air conditioner is on me queen wash my refrigerator microwave oven lacing you guys have become good friends she's my best friend aren't we with Doug in Dan a new because of be easy that's how you met yeah the same way I met sue Siegel who passed away that was my love one race I know well I never miss Mitchell S. name and the year before but now that she's passed I think okay legal well yeah in of all the two things I understand the language I took Spanish in school and did well in it but if you don't use it you lose it yes right now there's a well she does have a Spanish accent is a woman I hang out with the eagles daily whose of Spanish descent I mean she's and someone once said to me sees how do those who they said that they said why do you want this woman so much and I said because we're both local and what could be so which means craze yes he goes that's very good he heard me as she was it was so funny well only about I'm sorry Morgan go ahead is what to say at one time I was practically fluent in Spanish thank you right if you don't use it you lose it right I was going to say that I I did not study Spanish in school in the junior high school high school I studied French and a who will likely have both of you so much of that has has disappeared but I'm I can be surprised every now and then I'll be reading a novel or a newspaper article a magazine piece of there's a French phrase and I'm surprised that periodically I do still know what it is okay that some of the some of it has stills it's it's it's a it's rich remained the you know well with me though though clearly not as much as a as it had been that many years ago well your turn another thing about the with telling into like in a fire when I was I made it when I was a kid I made a record chest a big bug that you could put vinyl albums in and I would want to take that whole chest because see the second replace go I am you know I don't know go on line to get you know but that sure these vital so it harder for example my favorite album of all time which was an electric jazz rock fusion album called emergency by the Tony Williams lifetime I bought that it was a guy I don't know what happened to I haven't seen since nineteen eighty one he was a cab driver and he had a used book and record store in Harvard square codes zzounds zero you and D. S. members arms here demanded Danny regio knowing that who owned it and he sold me his personal copy of emergency by Tony Williams lifetime which has a promotion sticker on it says press test test pressing for radio use only it was a promo copy before the came out to get it out of the basement of WBA I do jurors all well here and of course you still have the case of vinyl you still have all the records in the case that you mentioned yes it can handle them and it's a bit of a strain to carry but I mean I would never I mean photos and stuff when I was like twelve years old three is I mean as much as I love you know I hate to lose them okay people say to me wow I can't pick just looking at a little Glenn every once in awhile I show you know while you were cute when you were a kid look what you turned out to be when the victim thing yeah let it now I is that stuff is much is I you know I'm very upset and that stuff I can't replace it but I'm not attached to it per se because I don't have kids to pass it on to you know that kind of thing right the greatest thing this final thing now the another important record again their next album that I bought I mean the next film called turn it over the front says play while the back this play louder of the Jack I got to add some Styria objects in Cambridge I love you know Jack Walker W. A. okay E. R. stereo jacks I got that from him now the wood table these records have been out of print since the late seventies mid seventies and and then there was the eagle record I got that from down that's by the Tony Lee in less time than it was the bums rush we couldn't go so every album and you know just one more little bumps they used to be a place in often called I don't still there called nervous records we have great may have it was my turn women it was only two women one was a Spanish woman name Yolanda the other one was a woman for war but I when they married here what I want to access that you could slash with a lightsaber and it was they were roommates and they only use what I'll place they sold me a lot of a they show me a lot of love and courage yes the US and in all public you know fusion and stuff that I love third stream yell do you still listen to a lot of vinyl records today are you most often don't take them out no I don't know I most often they'll take a mile I did win so used to visit me because she's like when you took good care of the stuff I said why haven't played it and thirty years of playing it just for you because she loves to watch me put the tone I'm on the turntable because what that for some reason impresses Nancy here for me to do than to find my way around a CD on the CD player with all the buttons and everything because I'm you know I can do I can flip a record over in my sleep or as CD there is there a little hi there because the CD came out when I was in my early thirties so I mean the dive finals and friendly than the CV well where do you work stand on the because vinyl is obviously we we read that it's making a comeback yeah do you stand on the on on the the the the question of which is a more rich experience listening listening to the vinyl or listening to CDS all I'm old school the way the vinyl okay it's got a rounder brown ourselves it's got a warmer rich now the brunt of the term brown sound came from the difference between a fender get time to get to get this back in the seventies the brownies sound has more baseball of mid range it's thicker it's thicker sounding it's which is like a about tall upright piano let's fifty two it's it'll has a brown or sell that a spin and operate okay the brightest Kinnear now I'm honoring me from a rake right now well you get plenty of time to I love angels I know you do and I gave you as much time with Andrew as I could could you glad yeah I'll talk to you later all right okay great good I'm gonna take my break time and temperature here WBZ one forty eight am are what's going into the thirties thirty eight degrees the.

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