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Underappreciated talent further vindicating your you had that's the right agit of the most under appreciated constutional figure since george mason following up on your reference to the chamber of commerce there's an observation here that taft was influenced by william sumner who taught view of economics that we would describe as laissez faire nearly like an payan round what did the founders madison and so on say about too little structure and too much chaos of his lese fair before the founders say taff did study with if not sumner social darwinist at yale who took that position but at his yale commencement address he said society has moved beyond the extreme fair attitude and now recognizes the need for antigen government to meet the needs of society so he was neither a extreme libertarian nora anything like a big government progressive he was a pragmatist who believe in liberty and that's why he said the goal of government is to be as efficient as possible while meeting the needs of the people and preserving liberty so that was his view what were the founders i you can do this better than i but you know ranging from the libertarianism of jefferson to the monarchism of hamilton the republicanism of madison there was a sophisticated mix among the framers but none were libertarians in sumner sense and to learn more go check out the scrape downstairs i have to get your train so this is the last question enough to i think how did taft life influence the career of his son robert taft kim senator majority leader.

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