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All the time. There is also free shipping both ways and we'll remind you that right now. New customers can enjoy twenty five percent off towards your first purchase of a bento box or other purchased using the code best of just use the u._r._l. 'em leflore dot dot com slash best of that's m. leffler l. a. f. l. e. u. R. dot com slash e. s. t. o. f. Yes go a good check it out and get twenty five dollars off. We're also excited to tell you about our sponsor. Circle so circle is a great new technology that yes you know helping people who are struggling with the issue of five more minutes of screen time becoming five more hours. I know that his occasionally happened. In at my house. Circle helps you set limits and in the screen time debate with your kids once and for all the kids these days face a million online distractions fortnight snapchat chat instagram youtube the list goes on and circle makes it easy or you to set guidelines on what your kids do and set limits if they need to focus on homework or or chores or bedtime so with circle home plus in the circle app parents can filter what content is allowed which is great. If you have kids of different ages the can set that up or different different. You know what's appropriate for different groups and each family member has their own profile so you can watch your stuff to curses is key and you'll never stop worrying about at your kids but with circle you definitely will have one less thing to worry about and right now. Our listeners get a limited time offer thirty dollars off a circle home plus us when you visit meet circle dot com slash best of and enter best of at checkout. That's m. e. E. t. c. i. r. c. l. l. e. dot com slash best of e._s._p. Thirty dollars off when you visit meet circle dot com slash best up inter best of at checkout. This is is a limited time podcast exclusive offer so please go check it out. Okay we're back..

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