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In Detroit alliance out up the Chicago Bears by a score of seventeen to ten David Blau as an opportunity to be one of those legendary thanksgiving stories seven completions two touchdowns the existing right now up to seven point lead out in this year of NFL one hundred on this holiday it seemed like a good time for us to take a look back at exactly how we got here this afternoon football on thanksgiving day and NFL tradition since its inception in nineteen twenty now it's ingrained is part of the day like cranberry sauce and that annoying family member who always manages to say the wrong thing at the dinner table we nineteen twenty two in nineteen thirty three thanksgiving day games were played between the Chicago Bears and Chicago cardinals the nineteen twenty nine cut as produced an NFL record which stands to this very day Ernie Nevers of the Chicago cardinal scored six touchdowns in for extra points in other words every one of his team's points in a forty to six mystery over the bears after twelve straight seasons of thanksgiving football in Chicago it was a first year team in the motor city which gave the thanksgiving staple a new home base as former executive director of the pro football hall of fame Joe forget explains George Richards was the owner of the Detroit Lions he had bought the team from Portsmouth they recall the Portsmouth Spartans and when he moved into Detroit he wanted to start something of a tradition any new of the thanksgiving day games which was a traditional high school and college football that's what he was emulating he felt that he could maybe do something in the pro.

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