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Peer reviewed article. Several times was rebuffed. Let me set this up a little bit. Introduce correct me. If i'm wrong john. Mack writes a book abduction human encounters with aliens. As you mentioned he's already been on the circuit at harvard in terms of making presentations doing this stuff. But now he really goes public. Oprah winfrey larry king. He's out there in this way that you're talking about as open like hey. This is what happens. Aliens are abducting people and having sex with them in order to hybrid humans. That that's the newsflash hair from harvard. Harvard doesn't like that so he doesn't like that now. I make the point in the book. Alex that harvard is no stranger to anomalous research. I mean william. James was talking about seances at harvard hundred years ago. And they were okay with that. They don't disowned. William james but there was something about john mack that rubbed the wrong way. And i think it was as you mentioned is appearance on oprah He was all over the media and he was kind of open. Guy about it and Maybe that that disturbed them apart from the subject of alien abduction being so she aided with harvard and harvard professor so anyway they convened the secret inquiry which I call and they call at one point and they mentioned as an inquisition. now they said they. this is not an inquisition. But he's a harvard. Psychiatrist says well if it's not an inquisition. Why do they use that word to describe what it isn't so it's about the money this is not about the money right so it was an inquisition. It inquired into his finances and quiet into his mental processes. That he believe in. Ufo's all of these things that really should not be part of an inquiry of a professor Join academic freedom at a at a major university. So they called in his experiencers. They called in his colleagues a lot of people they called and colleagues who were not particularly friendly to him because he took some of their patients and treated them. When the when you know fellow psychiatrists wouldn't deal with the teas so there was some people who had an ax to grind and The committee spoke to them and the committee was also a very weighted towards scientific. Materialists if you can't touch it in a measure it tasted in ain't it ain't it doesn't exist and john. Mack was trying to tell them that. There are things that we don't understand in the universe and even physics is beginning to grapple with these now. spoke action at a distance. And all the things that are supposedly impossible so he was trying to explain to them. That things we don't understand but it doesn't mean that they're not real and they said well. What's your proof any said..

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