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Financial technology firms and he wants to be a kind a bridge between lars financial institutions and these companies that could potentially disrupt him but could also potentially help them if they work together how did he first come to become an expert in and tech well we tony was that i hit always had an interest in it i mean he was a technology prater en este se and i would've tony was that hit always been interested in this and then on the five he had made a bunch of investments on his own and small from tech companies and then eventually actually examine some of them on behalf of steve cone him self a low i don't think that ever amount to much then he said you know you know when you're when you're outerwear for three years and you're waiting for the government to do something you got a lot of time on your hands and so he spent that time really exploring this area found himself fascinated by and concluded that this is going to where he wanted today he talk about his experience being under an indictment and what that has wraps changed him well the way he described it is it didn't really change and now that he's out of that but that when he was in and it was a very difficult rule weighing painful time for him for is why for his children lance moore children any one of them to know about what was going on into let his kids know that he was fighting this and that he felt strongly that he would ultimately you know justice would prevail as far as his new ventures concerned where is he getting the money is this is something that i would imagine many people think and he's the industry for intact is popular place for dicks a very popular place but one of the advantages of being a top crater for as from for the safety is you know a lot of potential investors you got a lot of contacts with them you know because a messy see rules he was reluctant really the tony much of anything about his investors but i did have the strong sense that he's raise money that he needs to raise and he's getting ready to open it pretty soon can you describe.

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