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The New York Jets making a move as well releasing running back. Isaiah crowell. Saving three million dollars on the salary cap Saint signing former patriots defensive tackle around two or three or fifteen million dollar deal or the bears safety Haukeland Dixon one year deal or the raiders cut. Both Jodi Nelson in AJ McCarron. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update. News twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg business app talk on Twitter. This is a Bloomberg business flash. It is indeed at forty seven past the hour. Let's begin in China. We had the Wiki code data yesterday. We were talking about this around twenty four hours ago, the data that we receive kind of a deepening slowdown in the first two months of the year. More troublesome than anything else was the the tepid rise in industrial production a gain of about five point three percent. But it's the weakest growth rate that we have seen since the early two thousands. And then today home prices for the month of February. We're up a little more than one half of one percent that's month over month but much slower than what we had in January. So it seems to confirm this narrative that we've been developing about slower growth in China barren mind today Friday in Beijing. It's the end of the National People's Congress. There will be QNA session hosted by Premier Li ka kitchen right now in Sydney on this chat. Let's go to Shanghai. First Shanghai composite is up seven tenths of one percent. Although. Oh in Hong Kong. We are down about one tenth of one percent in Sydney. Asx two hundred weaker by about one tenth of one percent..

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