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You have lost his dogs. I feel like one of Pavlov's canines. Whenever I hear that soon from Abba, it's a rich man's. Well, you know what happens now? I see the vision of Trish Regan. In my mind. It's that association. It means it's Friday. It's means we're being joined by American consequences. Are your publisher now is that your name is your title. Trish, executive editor there. Whoa! But I am a publisher of church in town. You, Joan tell dot coms. I'm publisher there, but I am an executive editor. At American Consequences. Multiple sir, are one of our star writers. Well, thank you. Kind of just come onboard P. J. Roc's incredible website Stansbury research American consequences. She's gonna have to have multiple business cards now very, very impressed with the most important one is her podcast on her website Trish intel dot com Trip until the podcast And follow her right now. A Trish underscore Regan on Twitter. Trish William kind of something a little bit different with you today. Anything anything for you said I want to leverage. Zubin doings of incredible writing an American consequence. I mean, deep dive stuff on geopolitical issues and at Fox business. You did these these amazing monologues on Venezuela and this is the challenge I had. Look, it's tough for me because my parents suffered under communism. And when somebody and I've had a caller do this, I've had people. Listeners do this on somebody in a gym did this to me today? Educated American, says Dr G. What's what's the difference between socialism and communism? I don't want to go, dude. Really, and I don't want to say, Do you want the eight hour lecture? What is the You've done so much work on this. And where do you even begin an eight or 80 hour lecture on that one. Otis, and I think the fundamental difference that everybody needs to remember is in one system. The individual that is trying to create wealth keeps that wealth for him or no, it's not. Capitalism versus socialism. They don't even know the difference between socialism and communism. Trash socialism and you know what? They're not that far off, right, Roy, please look at what's happening in Venezuela. And that is a socialist system that I would argue, really is increasingly a communist system in a communist system. You have absolutely no input right from the people because it is the government, the bureaucrats deciding said What should be right. They are the be all end all and they know what is best for the entire population. Socialism is a great day Shin. If you would off that, so once you go to communism, then it's full on forget any kind of input at all from the people, Because at that point, the government knows it all and, you know, look, it's it's it's a slippery slope. Maybe Cuba is communist. Right? Eh? Now, I mean, there's different ways to think about it, too, because I've always thought you look at China, which is a communist system. I've always thought You really need for full capitalism to have some freedom, right? And so for that freedom, you need a democracy to me. Capitalism and democracy. Go hand in hand. You can't have Full capitalism in a communist system, which is what China has been trying to do, and it's this bizarre hybrid. That's not, you know, it's really not. I think every company if you scratch deep enough every car, every company in China. Is connected to the Congress party. Exactly. That's the bottom line you can't operate. So that's not really a capitalist system. As far as I'm concerned, they say, it is, they say its market driven, but it's not because you have to be in bed with the CCP in order to be operating there, she's dressed Regan. It is Trish intel dot com, also American consequences. Trish, are you happy? Are you celebrating today? Am I celebrating today? Friday. We'll know because Corona viruses over you. You saw Louisville. Kentucky is so you know the protest. I mean, it's it's gone. I mean, there's no social distancing and Omar so clearly it's kids disappeared. I'll tell you said, I'm still so disgusted by the members of the epidemiology community that came out from John Hawkins. Remember, there's about 1000 of them, and they all said it was really important to go out and protest yet at the same time out of the same breathy, same people are saying you need to stay home. You need to wear a mask. I mean, come on, guys, which is it? Right? I mean again. No appreciation if you would for the individual, except when it serves their needs. They want you to protest. They'll encourage you to protest. They don't want you to vote. They want you to vote by mail, though, encourage you to do that. You're an expert on the market on the macro aspect of of how we are the richest the most powerful nation in the world a month ago two months ago Everybody thought it was all going to be about the economy about getting back to work. That's what November the thought he's going to be about. Now. It looks like law and order is the primary concern. All those two things. Can you separate them from one of the true? No. Actually, you can't entirely said because to me, you do not have a thriving, prosperous economy without law and order. The two things go hand in hand for us to succeed economically. And you know this. Given your geopolitical background. I mean, go to any war torn nation anywhere in the world, right? What kind of economy do you have basically nothing because it's not a safe environment. And you may have some kind of underground economy and you know, they're They're sort of subsisting, but you're not gonna have a thriving Economy and in order for us to have that we have to have safety. The two are symbiotic. They really do go hand in hand. Now I do think that a lot of this election will come down to people feeling safe, but Let me tell you like the safety thing. It's huge, And there's so many different components of that, right. You need to feel safe in your ability to prosper. So that means you need an economic environment that safe, but you also need plain old physical safety. And and so I think you know when we talk about safety, it's not just physical. It's economic. There's a lot of components that go into it. I don't think you can fully separate the two. I really don't And what are you feeling when you look at the trend lines when you look at the events after.

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