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Don't get to you know Express their creative side when that said person is let out of that confinement and they get to go to a party where there are fun people and a karaoke machine things happen where said person said comedian. gets the curio key microphone doesn't looting i was having a ball you saw. I had just discovered kariuki for the i was singing songs. I was joining another people songs. I was in congo lines. I was doing the hype man. Like it's bert. Someone online was like how do you keep up with her. I'm like i. I sat in chair in the corner all night. That's how you were just having a blast. It was so cute to watch. Thanks boo a comic friend of yours. Sat there and was with me. And she's like. Is this what you do at parties. Just sit here and wait for people to come to you. And i go. Well when they're delivering me drinks and four having a good time it was like one of those just like not a care in the world can of things. Yeah and agree. wasn't in retrograde. Yeah not like the people there. Everyone was having a great time and doing their own thing. You know what. I mean where it was like. It was totally fine for me to sit there and just enjoy myself and watch the Entertainment and then. There were a lot of people there who are in the entertainment business who were able to do their thing and I'll i'll tell you this you guys. Somebody's going to be having a ball on tour and that's this girl. 'cause i'm ready. I have never fell more excited to be back on the road. His listen i love stand up but it's hard it's a hard job and coming up with a new. Our every couple years is not easy. You don't know what you're going to talk about what you wanna say. And before everything shutdown. I was kind of struggling with like..

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