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Well research well backed it is something we should be using in our garden well Joe question quickly honest question it makes great sense he walks along the beach to CC weed on the beach why can't he use that well simple explanation here just like we can go to different parts of the country and see different kinds of trees for example we're not gonna see many white birch growing in the Austin area river birch maybe but not many white birches as we move further north they're easy to see no Colorado blue spruce here though we get something similar it's because the environment is different the same applies to the sea weed see we we see on the core are on the coast is a variety of sea weed but the coin that is used the most in the commercial products that you would buy for your garden is harvested in the very very cold waters of the north Atlantic it is a particular variety that is protected it sustainably harvested now they're they're really working on it carefully when it's harvested it is harvested from cold salt water and placed in fresh water rivers and creeks to rinse it for a very long time to get as much of the salt off of it as possible this is the product that is used that is in the bottle is see we that you would buy now I assume that a lot of the sea weed that would show up on the coasts of Texas probably has a lot of stuff in it we wouldn't be really happy with we have oil spills and chemical manufacturing and things like that word is harvested in the deep water in the north Atlantic that is less of an issue there isn't this contamination that exists in the water so there's a whole host of reasons why there's a difference in the sea weed it's it's it's really important to understand this now what if I harvest the sea weed from the Texas coast center out my compost pile let's turn over organic matter it would probably break down and add to the compost and you have all this great stuff in it I would be concerned about it coming from salt water in adding too much salt to the compost pile that's a really bad thing that that will too much salt can kill the biology that you're looking to grow in your compost pile but it is still an organic matter so decomposing it adding it back to the soil is not a bad idea if you can account for or reduce the risk of salt from salt water of the ocean we used to have hydrilla be a real problem here in Austin and you know Barton springs the surrounding water ways it's not first kinda strange reasons but we used to harvest it just get it out because it was clogging the lake it was clogging the rivers so we have machines will go through and harvested and that was always a great question can we composta stuff and add it to our garden well I don't know of any good were work that went into the determining if that was worthwhile well it's not a problem now because we've released a fish that was supposed to reduce it and unfortunately it pretty much eliminated it so we made a mistake there but organic matter for the most part can be recycled that's what we're doing we're composting stuff some plan group took new Tran took a minerals took everything that we needed to grow the plant out of the existing soil the plant gave us beauty or it acted as a ground cover to prevent erosion or we harvested food from it whatever the purpose was and at some point we harvested it because it died we cut it back whatever well all of that organic matter has is nutrients in it so we should be composting recycling and and putting it back in the soil there are some questions about where you get it from what it may have been it things like that but that should be a normal process the hydro of the sea weed from the coast things like that that becomes a slightly more complex question we really don't have great answers for yet so really recommend that you not take those steps unless you do it with the understanding that it could be something that's not beneficial to your garde folks this is gardening naturally you can give 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