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By the way the same guy is saying it's presumably okay to gather together and mass protests to throw rocks at police and Molotov cocktails break windows. So, all of this has wrought complete havoc destroyed people's lives, and at the same time we're still not getting accurate information from the Department of Health Services on what's actually going on with covid nineteen. Now and in the problem I think that's starting to emerge. Is that you know we could find ourselves in a situation where budget repair bill is going to be needed, and and even on the best day on the in the best environment working with the administration that is a huge half to try and accomplish, but in this environment I I have no idea how you'd even initiate that conversation. Let alone trying opera document. That could you know work through the the? Certainly the shortfall we're starting to see described it and what and what happens if you can't get a budget repair bill done because it's it's quite likely we're gonNA need a budget repair bill. What happens in suddenly? The Wisconsin State budget is upside down by billion dollars. You're back. Yeah, you're. You're back in here listening to some. Governor described of this fantasy documents of tax increases and everything else that the Republican legislature is never gonNa go along with so it it. It's not a pretty picture right now. And the exists, but if you can't get a budget repair bill, the existing budget controls if we don't have the money for the existing Baljit. That's the question then what happens does that creates a crisis because we have? We have know a piece of our Constitution. That says we have to have a balanced budget. Right and. Defending continues to. We. Don't shut down federal government. But he continued that those same levels and oil boy that that's a ton of pressure that puts a ton of pressure on Iverson even more so than it does the Republican controlled legislature. Good to have you on the program I. Wouldn't you know I? Mean first thing I would do is make sure I record everything. That's the first thing I would do. second thing I would do is conversations where you think your conversations are going to be recorded. Because it does seem like the governor instead of wanting to work with you guys never by the way right never never called and said what should we do here? How are we? GonNa? Make sure that we can come through this this Kobe shutdown. Without too much damage never had a conversation with you. You folks like that, right? No started to lecture. You could tell what disposition was immediately when he jumped on that call that day, nothing nothing has changed since the yeah I think this. Is The governor essentially saying I'm going to go it alone. I would look for dirty tricks. Look for more than just this one. Grow is in the back of your head. Thanks for coming on the program. Okay all right good to have you senate. Majority leader Scott, Fitzgerald I'm going to take a break at eight seven seven to three, five, thirteen ten. You want to know the word that kept popping into my head. The more I read about this particular story when I read the story of the nine hundred jobs though papermill. Being lost to the cove nineteen shutdown in another hundred associated jobs being wiped out the word that was in my head was recall. Let's talk about that next eight, seven seven to three, five,.

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