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Now sports I with Brad Heller path three Mets have won the Cy Young award, Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden and r a Dickey. Now Jacob degrom hopes to become the fourth. The winner will be announced tonight to grab lead the majors with a sparkling one point seven zero ERA while the reigning two time winner, max Scherzer lead the majors in strikeouts in innings pitched sherzer is also a finalist along with the Phillies Aaron Nola in the American League. The Indians Corey kluber is going for a second straight award. He's up against the Astros. Justin Verlander in Blake. Snell of the raise the Golden State Warriors doing with some drama right now, the two time defending champs suspended Draymond green for last night's win over the hawks. He got into a heated exchange with Kevin Durant on the bench. Monday Durant scored twenty nine points in the win last night. He says they haven't resolved things yet figures it'll happen at some point as for what the issue was keep day house. That's what we do here. I mean, obviously, I know you guys got a job to do. But. I'm not trying to get no way no headlines happen, which are move on just trying to play basketball. I meanwhile, looks like nets leading score lavar. It's going to be able to play basketball again this season that foot injury Monday and Minnesota look much much worse than it, really. Was it's dislocated. But nothing broken no surgery needed. The nets are back at Barclay center. Tonight to take on the heat. The Knicks look to avoid a third straight loss there in Oklahoma City. College basketball, Seton Hall be on the road at Nebraska sports. I at twelve and forty two I'm Brad Heller eleven forty four once upon.

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