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Wonder aaron rodgers teammates watching that press conference yesterday. There like hell yeah. He's standing up for us. This is our guy that's awesome. He wants the organization to take care of the players. Or they're looking at him like. Is this guy nuts that he wants. Final say on the roster. What are you talking about by the way. Erin you've taken every fricken penny available to you and good for you but then you can't complain about the team. Cutting guys because of a salary cap sport. So i just wonder i mean i know that he was standing up for certain guys you mentioned bringing charles woodson back at the end of his career keeping jordy nelson for another year because he was willing to take a massive pay. Cut talking about cutting. Jake kumar and john kuhn and guys like that so it sounded like he was standing up for his teammates and the guys that he liked on one hand. That's a good thing but on the other hand it's like are you delusional. Yeah i I did that for my teammates. I did the same thing. I don't necessarily know that. I had all those teammates that i fought for boya but he got understand in a salary cap sport. And you're going to be the highest paid player in that sport at one time and you're going to be eating up twenty percent of your team's salary cap that you know the general manager has got to make some decisions is like chess pieces all over the board you try to make it all fit right now chris. Drury is going through that with the rangers. Lula morello going through that with the island is how will we make an all these pieces fit. And and who's making what and who's going to be injured and all other stuff. Not everybody can be the tampa bay lightning and just take on contracts thrown onto lt. I are but anyway you look back at the last two drafts by the of green bay packers. Okay there's jordan in their six sore thumb and that was really the crux of all of this..

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