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Will the national sell off, their other pieces GIO Gonzalez. All the bullpen it seems like they do want to get below the. Luxury, tax threshold, I I mean I don't think that's such, a great goal but be everybody. Loves that goal and maybe that affects their ability to, keep Harper, to you know get below the luxury. Tax rich old and I to me if, you, trade Harper you're. You're gonna towel but if you trade really a few relievers or, even GIO Gonzalez you haven't completely given up. On the season I don't think it's. Season as dependent. I. Love geo personally I don't think it's dependent on GIO Gonzalez or a. Couple of relievers so I could see them doing that just to give. Below luxury tax what if anything to the Mets do in the next four and? A, half hours yeah I'm not expecting a. Big trade deadline I obviously they had the. Big names early there's no momentum toward a degrom or. Syndergaard Matt snow the only, one is Wheeler and as of the last two, or three days I'm getting the feeling that. He's, pitching to. Well too Trade him now so they don't wanna, they don't really unless they get some big forum and You know the other teams that. Are looking at them are, looking at his total history. And a total history is just average he's been great last month but the total histories average and so they're. Making offers that reflect total history, and the Mets are making requests that, reflect the last. Month so as far, you never, know push comes to shove. At the deadline things can change but as of now I mean that's the most. Interesting one and I would say, it's probably. Less than fifty fifty that he gets moved Bautista they, might get moved for. Ice maybe Maserati I'm not hearing much interest out there After August, I sorry. Why would there be a hot start The For Jose bautisa MS rocko I'm. In I can't be looking for a bag of. Balls They. Want they want a couple bags takes a patio For bats John this was. Your break now you. Have to. Go back to work. I appreciate your time thank you good talking to you John Hayman little trade deadline update is we're four and. A half hours away. From the big MLB trade deadline keep it right here we'll keep you posted throughout the day again into. Some football stuff with the. Giants and jets and camp coming up as. A show Rozonda Jerry Karas barstool on the Red, Sox, and, of, course, your calls coming up at eight.

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