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Think this would be a good question for one of our guests who i know Drafted jalen waddell in a tunnel leagues this year. And that's standing mueller. Let's bring in. Tonight's guests ladies and gentlemen Both are longtime highly accomplished a highly accomplished high stakes fantasy football players with numerous championships in the f. And the at that under their belts. They're looking for their biggest score of their careers to date. This year's they are both in first place in the four million dollar. Ftc main event heading into week six with a five hundred thousand dollar grand prize staring them in the face. Sleaze welcome back onto the program. You follow him on twitter. At danny miller wants danny miller and of course you follow him on twitter at two packer. It's ron meyer gentlemen. Welcome back to the show. Good to hear what you do guys. I'm drinking whiskey bottle not thinking both tomorrow thing in sweet home alabama all summer long. Go so i'll just hackers very on brand for you tonight. Love love your next. He gets the The kid rock and the whiskey comments so okay. The first thing i want to address this to danny i because i think this is going to set this interview up nicely. Danny i i wanna hear from you. How this partnership with two packer came to be was this. Something that was born in louisville was something that was born in las vegas. How did this come to be. Were you guys partnered up this year for this team jumping in their danny. Are you gotta love blog. Talk radio. This is danny i if you can hear me give us a call back right now. We'll put you back on. I just briefly run Let's we'll we'll have un question here You told me the story before. Tell the listeners. This was something that danny approached you with right Yeah i i mean. I've known danny for a few years in kentucky and las vegas. These hung out quite a bit and stuff and he approached. Me is was interested. Because you don't like all people they want the non cheaper rankings cheat sheet. That kurt used to win the kentucky championship a few years ago. And i don't give that out to anybody so he was trying to get active. Because i've talked to him a little bit and we came to an agreement on i'm like i can't give you the cheat man but i'd be willing to do is i can draft some teams because i like to win draft and then You know we can settle up The price winning afterwards. If you're interested in he jumped out of his chair. Had the chance to do this. Plus the last couple of years. He's extremely afraid of escalators. So in between Games and stuff like that. I'll walk down the escalator. Some stuff too..

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