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Who was rob KENDALL mad at? Rob handle of the chicks on the right? Andy, rob kindle show joins us in studio. Pissed off today. Well, you know, I'm driving into work. I think Monday, and I hear the esteemed speaker of the house, Brian Bosma, and he's back on his moral high horse. He's a beach grove high school hall of Famer like you like me like you. He's finger-wagging, and he's basically saying I'm not gonna do medical marijuana this year because everybody will end up a drug addict. And I hear this. And it's like how stupid do you think? And how irresponsible do you think people are that that soldiers with PTSD or the cancer patients, you're going to them that because in your cockamamie existence? Everyone's gonna end up a drug addict. What's interesting to me, though, is that they have had a committee. And they've put the information out there. There are some studies that show. That's okay. If you're not all in on recreational use I get that. But medicinal marijuana does have its benefits, and it's almost like they just wasted their time having the study committee. Well, of course, and that's what they do. That's what Bosma does. That's why he controls these committees. And the people who run them to push his agenda. What's really going on? Here is big pharma who buys and sells these guys at every single level data want medical marijuana. They need those pills to be the answer. They don't care at all about the opioid.

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