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Powered by the law offices of candor and or call eight eight eight fed day one cause an increase for tonight there's a chance for nice that shower storm late drop down low seventies some lingering showers and stray thunderstorm early Friday then trying out for the afternoon highs back off low eighties even cooler for this weekend playful sunshine Saturday and Sunday high struggle low seventies with updates on the clock on south Florida's severe weather station how much outside work a new greatest extent WIOD this report is sponsored by Mister Sparky RT live that's a do it yourself flickering lights that's it don't do it yourself don't play with electricity call your local Mister Sparky today I eight Sparky family owned and operated licensed in the respective state account tell you with absolute confidence we're going to win the democratic nomination my message is simple I am running to beat Donald Trump takeaway lessons from them the first is you don't get what you job in this Mr it is two hundred and forty three days until election day from coast to coast from order to order C. two shiny the right now we're to Sean Hannity show toll free number eight hundred nine four one Sean if you want to be a.

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