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State Senator. Kevin Parker Brooklyn is proposing a change to New York state's gun laws which would require applicants to provide. Investigators with their social media passwords and access to their search engine histories before they can be granted a handgun license. Investigators would be able to see three years worth of postings and a year of searches looking for racial slurs threats of violence and terrorism related posts. No vote on the Bill is currently scheduled after one last blowout sale. Lord and Taylor plans to close its longtime Fifth Avenue flagship January for generations, the holiday winners of the store have helped to define Christmas and New York. Now, the decorations are signs saying everything must go next year. The eleven storey renaissance building will be taken over by we work the workspace leasing company we work in several investors aimed close the eight hundred fifty million dollar deal to buy the building. By the end of January a closer. Look at Mars CBS news correspondent Wendy Gillette. Monday is a special day for the exploration of Mars. That's when a NASA. Lander named insight is set to arrive. You can watch the arrival online or in person at locations across the country the spacecraft will allow scientists to compare the conditions on Mars to earth. It's going to provide more data about the interior of the planet than ever before. And why earth and Mars turned out so differently? They started out as fairly similar planets three or four billion years ago when he Gillette CBS news. The Carnegie delicatessen will reopen as an eight-day pop up two years after shuttering its midtown location. The revival is thanks to Amazon prime video using it to promote the second season of the marvelous MRs Mazel which returns on December fifth the Delhi which was known as much for its celebrity clientele is it's heaping sandwiches closed at seventh avenue restaurant on New Year's Eve in two thousand sixteen after seventy nine years in business if you wanna taste the best. The Carnegie it's December one to eight at two old one Fayette street in Nolita WCBS CBS news time, four forty-one. Place with the.

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