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Without any further ado please welcome onstage on stage. Gordon Murray and Solomon the House Gordon. Thank you so much longer introduction than normal thank you very. Thanks for joining us at all I am. I wanted to talk briefly by modern Formula One many years ago came. See what you would do if you're in charge and you. There's this amazing. The line drawing which will made total sense. What are your thoughts and these new regulations coming in twenty twenty one? I don't go anywhere near far enough. I think the politics these days informative gets in the way generally what I did with you. I mean how many years ago was that that we think three. I think it was longer than more. Yes Broccoli it's still probably up on the Internet it's so easy to fix natural normal overtaking unfolding along and so easy to reduce costs and get the emphasis back on a drivers championship championship. And everything I said then I look at it again today. Actually I think everything is still true. the one thing they're doing which goes a little little bit towards What I suggested is putting the downfalls back in the middle of the motorcar? The moment was a huge front wings and rear wings. The reason why one of the main reason economy takers you following a car onto the corner onto the straight and you lose the balance of the car and therefore you drop back and you stopped at a disadvantage and therefore you need stupid things like artificial things like drag reduction to catch up again whereas if you if you don't lose the balance of the car's downforce maybe in the middle of the car and not concentrated on both ends you lose overall downforce but you keep the balance and you can come out right behind onto Commun- that's one of the main points and that one I think they are doing a little bit to reduce downforce and giving design is back in the middle but but all all the other stuff that I wrote is much more about making it a spectator sport again and and making it a dry driver's championship. I mean the drive is at the moment they get it and instead you know the team decide they decide where the gay changes before they leave the factory. Really Yeah they sit in a simulator and pick all the get change points. That's holding ties going off. The engine mapping needs to be changed or even uh-huh if you talked to any of the engineers who are working in formerly presently they say that yes. The rules are prescriptive in terms of the air and stuff but it beneath the surface. There are all these little things you can do. And they they think that's fascinating. You're an engineer looking from the outside. I mean when when you a former career was at its peak. I mean you could see the different solutions. Great Fan on the back of the four wheels on the front of the You could say these sliding skirts. You can see these things I mean. Are you fascinated by what they're absolutely not it. It's actually I mean from my point of view. It's cobblers to be honest. But from their point of view you can see that point because the youngsters have only known modern Formula One mm-hmm so they think spending two hundred and thirty days in the wind tunnel and changing Benetton for example of Benetton. Red Bull. Make a million different parts a year and a lot of them never get used but they're all tiny little aerodynamic adjustment so the youngsters who didn't let through what we lived through in the sixties seventies eighties Think that's exciting changing. Finding I mean these days if they find a tenth of a second second public holiday in the seventies you could have an David. The bath draws something that night make the bit the next day put it on the Congo second that quick and it was visible as to take your point because the causeway visually quite different the regulations today actually place all the major masses masses for you as a designer so the fuel the driver the engine transmission the pedal line relative to the front axle is all regulated. So the cars actually have to look the same if you think about it so I mean even even a even a sort of season. Petro ahead like me if you can all the modern cars have you painted them all white coat with them up. Put you in a room and with the cover of gravy thirty seconds to name them all. You probably couldn't. What was the most successful Formula One car designed in the bath? That was probably the Sankar. Actually because that literally was lightbulb moment I used to read the regulations like in the bath. I went to sleep reading the regulator looking for loopholes. We'll talk by the fine car on a bit. You mentioned Red Bull Command. So is sort of singing. The praises of Adrian Newey who who stands out to you the moment as of one kind of design engineers is. They're all the people in the paddock. You know that's a that's an almost impossible question to answer. I'll tell you why. Because in nine from nineteen seventy Z.. three to seventy seven. I knew I was chief designer. Because if you turn around and the Prefab drawing office if there's nobody else in the office they now have the technical team six hundred people and I have no idea how you manage six hundred people to design uninformed one car first of all. I don't know what they do but I mean how it must be really difficult for somebody like Adrian to think of themselves as chief designer. Because you can't possibly manage all those people are remember when you're dealing with SADIE SPENCE AN AL team and grew Dave McLaren F one row. We had seven people in design team and that grew to thirty five people when we did the Acela for Mercedes and I went over there and I was speaking to technical director Dr Shop and he said they had eleven thousand engineers and I said to him. How do you manage manage eleven thousand engineers and he said you don't it how six hundred designers I don't know so it's must be really difficult for people? I mean Adrian's already good friend and I've my him tremendously for his achievements. It must be very difficult to feel like you own the car you know I mean I I very quickly from seventy seven. I doubled level design team because on. Hi David North so And then I felt like I was still in charge because I had one other guys manage punished for the next five years But six hundred people. Wow I wouldn't even know you know I mean even the current supercar not fifty. We've only got twenty people. It's amazing. Yeah it's fall cry from Formula One but you really became the UK because you wrote to Colin Chapman. Yeah you got a job and he gave you one yet. What do you mean interview right? Actually it's all in the book now. Champion was my hero absolutely in my hair Bob Dylan and Chapman growing up as a teenager and I just just admired his approach. I admired his sort of fanaticism for lightweighting. And I love the cost. Both the road cars and the amendment when the leak came out and was fifty seven October. Fifty seven els called. I do show and I got the magazine needs to come by ship. Those days took a month got the magazine and sold. Ah I thought wow what do come composite monocoque so admired him so I thought what good place to start a writer him. I'm jumping on a Kaga by coming to England needed. Joe And I got a really nice letter back saying Speak come and see Brian Luff. Who was head of vehicle engineering? I I wasn't looking for a job in racing. Didn't think I would be anywhere. Good enough racing. I was twenty one or twenty two or something I was looking for a job in Roku company arrived and went for my into Brian. Luff hadn't contacted Lotus for six months and apart from the fact that found in quite cool after Durban in South Africa and arrived in a short sleeve shirt and jacket and it was snowing. And I I arrived at Hassle for an interview and Brian said you know. Haven't you read the papers. The last month's getting through mini recession. We haven't all those cars out that that window on sold we've just laid thirty people off and that was it. I never got to meet until much later but you you did. Sorry the you said the AUTOCAR. Whatever he wants to month to arrive at how easy was it for you the youngster following match racing in the Pre Internet? Take me autosport motoring news sport or taking a month. Get out there. Yeah you had jumped Formula One races in South Africa the growing premium sixty two but both easy for not going to follow what was going on. this to sort of answers to that because there was the local motoracing and then as you say the international teams did come out for or a few events so following that was quite easy because My my dad used to race motorcycles and we will take into some sort of A race meeting every couple of weeks. Ready Hill climbs a speedway racing that sort of stuff So so local racing always right in from from five years old. I can remember going to motor races but international racing was a little different because everything was delayed. uh-huh everything was e mail in those days you know. Nothing came on airplanes However I did start going to the international title races out there? My first international race was East London Grand Prix in Nineteen fifty-nine while hitchhiked four hundred miles us as a thirteen year old down to see the race in east London And then of course after that they had the sunshine series where the Sports College. Oh she's to come out and denied all the latest. Ferraris porsches things is to come out and do the nine our colony which we again we used to hitch up to Johannesburg to see those when you obviously didn't notice but you did then eventually. Yeah Yeah I mean. I tried tried to get a job for six months. Actually and I'd I'd saved up. I'd sold absolutely everything in south auto racing com. I wrote House. My drawing board magazines records close thing. Only thing didn't shut yeah. I didn't try and so was my mom. I sold everything and I am a scrape together a thousand quid. And then the first first thing I did with no job when got to England I bought a badly put together. Hand assembled secondhand loads as high modest. Slow too so land for eight hundred and forty forty quit in the first week. Your sixty last me six months while I was looking.

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