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And I could hear it in your voice you know what I'm ready I can hear it I so I'm gonna go with television television Eric plots with me all right here we go we go up from Seinfeld resigned vo van all right here we go George once suffered from was it swimming itch shrinkage hernia or a broken nose I'm gonna go to shrink it there you go hi one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five again open board if you call right now I can get you on it is that easy get on music movies television New Jersey New Jersey one a one point five I gather one a one point five Coleman's got the music in the movies Eric got New Jersey and the television and the wind is they have been flying fast and furious here they have been going crazy we give me once not on hold she's on hold she got my number one yeah Hey technical stuff yeah I tried to work your board for you you might as well all right I got some open slots Joe bondage strappy a one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five catch a rising star in the Princeton Hyatt regency and you work with machete before yeah years ago we did this club in stand Namik all living beings yeah is is is like you say that room for Joe precious as bad now.

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