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Christian calendar the feast of easter the resurrection jesus from the dead and i'm always inspired by the number of people come to mass on easter sunday and who you know display their faith in public and hopefully it will become a renewal for the rest of the year what is your sense each easter what you see when you attend mass ahead well easter is my favorite the holy day of course i mean this is the carnal of the faith without resurrection what does it all mean right i mean we really rely on the bodily resurrection of jesus and so this is the pinnacle of our faith and and i see more and more people coming out you know in brooklyn where i live i live in a diocese of immigrants and so many immigrants have come to our city bringing with them the faith and they're coming to church and we have hispanics we have people from from china from career and from the philippines you don't wanna last week and on palm sunday there was a line around the block at saint sebastian's church in woodside waiting to get into church for palm sunday celebration and these were basically people from the filipino community era for you know so i see i see them coming out in great numbers easter is just it's a great defaced i love it i agree with you and and i think it actually it highlights the exactly the christian faith is about hope for the future it's about a new life in the life to come but even new life here on the time on earth so many times i i wonder about people walk around and don't believe in god and don't know what happens when they die and i say we we have a very you know in our faith we have a very clear and solid teaching that where our lord has gone we too will go and you know you see so many signs of resurrection and new life around us if we just opened up our eyes we can see this it's not just a a once a year celebration right every sunday is is a renewal of easter well another thing about easter on the material side is chocolate.

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