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People chanted and held signs here outside the Supreme Court spilling from the sidewalk on to first street My sign says your wife matters abortion is wrong Tom Bryson drove here from Michigan for this I'm hoping they overturn roe versus wade My sign says abortion how you want it when you're on it Jessica Olsen drove from Chicago to be here What I would hope is that they would understand that we've already settled this issue It is settled law Outside the Supreme Court John Aaron W TOP news William and Mary law professor Neil devons tells the implications of this case extend beyond abortion rights he says if rose overturned the decision could affect the future of the high court itself It will call into question what justice Kagan said which is whether the court is a political court and presidents can change doctrine through appointments And that may raise a specter of other issues involving court reform There's a commission that President Biden has approved as making recommendations governing the court size and other issues and calls for court reform will grow much louder as the court overturns roe not to mention what might happen with the abortion case itself and the abortion right itself William and Mary law professor Neil devons We'll talk about the nation's first confirmed COVID omicron case with The Washington Post Joel achenbach coming up just after traffic and weather for 36 Today's cloud report how a multi cloud approach can give you the freedom of any cloud with the simplicity of one provided by VMware Here's Keith's knockout Sony federal strategist for VMware When federal agencies talk about multi cloud transitions the conversation usually centers on technology but a true multi cloud environment is holistic It requires rethinking your approach to cloud agencies need to reexamine the skill set of their teams which were often built under legacy IT environments Now teams need to be multi disciplined in cloud solutions agencies set up skill their workforce revise business processes and policies can help shape the agency's culture and deploy a true multi and.

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