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Is one of our kickstarter backers four to one thousand nine hundred ninety one of the reasons why we're able to produce this many shows and we can't thank all of you enough who've supported us over the last year Nearly one hundred thirty shows we've produced now. I think it will be that many. By the time we finished the year and the the goal is to produce just as many next year if we can do As many exciting things as we possibly can with this show and so our kickstarter will begin on December. The second in just a couple of weeks time now you can hear an announcement in the background there in Madrid. Because that's where Matt Roberts says in the middle of the night matt it has been a long goldway few. How's it going? Yes that was just to announce that Australia are coming into press which is not even the last thing that where we happening tonight. Because there's still a doubles match to go as I come to his temple midnight. That will be on core in ten minutes and it's all a bit bonkers but it's very Spain Very Madrid and if there's one city way can get away with it probably is this one but yes. I'm having to slightly keep my voice down because yes I'm in the media center. Want to disturb anyone but I am absolutely buzzing having just Just been on court for Dowell you were on court with Di was yes sir. It looks remarkably like current addtional. Just just to be clear. What time did you get there? Today I got on site about ten this morning Pakistan so just just the full team and these doesn't wasn't finished yet. The doubles is about to start. It's one all between Spain and Russia and then once that's all done mathematical leave and and it's about an hour and to his hotel maybe about four. Am Start Tomorrow with the Gbi on eleven. Yes now a tolkien. Brilliant ahead write this match. Let's start with it. The one you Washington right now. We've decided we we have to record now because we're it's on satellite. It's it's been proper Davis Cup tonight has not in terms of what we know. Is Davis this COP. It's been a home team against an away team and I think that this is you know sue the one side of things people may say. Well they go than it does it. It does preserve this kind of Davis Cup that people cherish so much others will say well. Yeah this is what makes us so sad sad that we're losing the home away throughout the year. You know it depends how you coming at it doesn't it. I mean I loved it tonight. It was absolutely fantastic festival we had Andrei Rupe live Beating Roberta Battista seven six in the third including seven zero tiebreak which was was mind blowing. And then we've had rough dahl equal things up against Kevin Hatching of in a really close one particularly the second set that Rab- live Battista match kind of had everything. It was such a good match and it was such an easy one for the fans to get into because there were so many swings of momentum. There were lots of breaks. Lots of breakpoints eight points. Lots of big moments and it just was absolutely perfect for the atmosphere which was which was special at the star. And then it just reached the kind of Chris Crescendo towards third set. And then there was this really strange atmosphere when about Easter. You've lost couldn't gays rack. You're on a ball in the in the tie-break as you said Rube left winning at seven seven love just cracking winners. And then it was kind of like Is this going to be a problem for Spain. We Com Russia win Spain fighting for second in that group. You know they might not go through. And then everyone kind of remember. Hang on a minute. We've got We've got I found out all things. Things might be okay and always think in Spain whenever around Madrid play doesn't expectancy since they're going to win round Madrid fans Goto the stadium expecting round. Were to win and I really got that sense with adult tonight. It was like a K- it's fine. We've gotten the doll. He will win. And that is an incredible amount of pressure on the Dow and yet he just performed so oh well like it was any other man. She was so relentless I ball allows and I'd like to see more Dow Hatch Knob. I think that's a really good matchup. Ah It works really well. They've had good Max in the past and this was another one and yet and the dog just does what an adult twenty fifth win in a row in the Davis Cup. He's only ever lost once to Novak. But Not Novak Djokovic Year Novak the first ever Davis Cup tie and then he won twenty five in a row since then I mean the man man is extraordinary ordinary and tonight he. I saw the first Sam and saw the whole match for the first. He was like a dog walk us just being given meet I. I'm in a week. He was just ravenous he was and it was. It was everything that the O.. Two wasn't sir. In the the first couple of rounds group matches he had there but I just felt when he went out. Although it was sort of a shame on one level for that event I thought correct. This is going to do in the world. Good he's had three matches. He's got progressively better. And now here he is looking fresh and ready to go. And you saw the way burst out of the blocks yet. This would. This was not possible without what he did to he. He played himself out of an injury and into form their his tennis is just right where he wants it to be. I mean you know. Let's not forget. He ended up beating the eventual champion at the two. You know he was. He was playing that well by the end of it and I just think he's developed his game so much. I just think you know. His backhand now is almost as good as his forehand at times and yet his foot work works so good that he's able to get himself as many forehands as possible Varied is served right right in the end of the tiebreak keeping serving out wide the whole match and then he hit one up not in court action of completely by surprise. Just an amazing sense of the moment and tactical decision. Asian in under that pressure Yeah he was he was he was spellbinding tonight and there was a really crackling atmosphere and watching the watching any member but I think the big three in front of their home crowd is going to be a very special and certainly that was the case in the Dow is such such appreciation for him in the second set hatch really started to get into it with him didn't he. He took him on. He went toe to toe. And I did feel that. Nadal was stunning to look okay a little tight at the end because as you say enormous pressure and let's not forget. They were one zero down Spain from that first rubber and he it's on him he's got to produce and you know just imagine if that has gone into a third set what would you implying apply and then well haven't even got the Dublin. It's seventeen minutes past midnight in Madrid. The doubles plans haven't walked onto the court yet. Yes we would not be talking now David. No we wouldn't so anyway. He got the job done. Didn't a Dow just just to remind on that rib love against Patrick Good match match. Rubella was cramping in that match they played a forty seven stroke rally that the Rab- leverage. Just hammering the ball around and Battista artistric wouldn't let it go and ended up winning the rally. I just think that is a fantastic win. I have never watched about Easter Goo match. In which the now the person did not end up broken I remember the overseas Andy Marijuana at the start of the year Then he backed up by kind of in just outlasting John Millman and now this one I don't quite know how ripple have managed to play through. That crampy looked pretty bad especially on his serve. After he was serving it was really having to shake out his leg and he looked at a lot of pain and yet obviously just throw salt rallies. I'm just going to hit winners in the tie-break break and maybe maybe that tactic worked against about Easter. Go to Tom. Wear him down. Because we're blessed channel. Tim single-minded tactic that he I needed to to adult. Yeah more announcements in the media center drama tennis podcast. You got a little bit of live as well So what else have we had today. We are still waiting for the doubles we. We don't even know if it's nodal dewey in the doubles the last I saw what was it wasn't going to be but to be honest I don't I don't know they you can you can. You're singles players are locked in When you an hour before the Thai stance oh you are allowed to change your doubles line-up so I don't have to be back for another match tomorrow at six? PM So it's it's pretty full on Canada a through. Do they lead the United States. Two Zero just a word on Vasic Pospisil who is paying amazing so Husni I mean he. He got a great win yesterday. Ebbing Fabio Fanini yesterday. And then. He's he's got him Bayton Riot Palca today that that guy was seven foot tall and and seventy missiles as an pospisil is just so athletics so good and Canada radiant. Today's the shape of has matched as well. Yeah Pospisil. His career has been really marred by injury. Hasn't it the when you see him play like he did what he has done this this week. So far you just think Awatif kind of Because he's got a good Cervi steady from the from the baseline and he likes coming forward. I really liked watching in place really really nice style and yet finish up. Valve is in a rich. Vein of form Overstay knocking while beating Bertini yesterday. A now taking Taylor Fritz and other another really good win someone with a kind of similar. Samora ranking Yet looking looking really good Canada. Although say that tie I ended in very wage circumstances in that Canada announced that the doubles would be chef of elegance and O'Reilly rally AC- teaming up kind of seems. I go this Davis Cup finals. And then about fifty minutes later. It was announced that they'd actually forfeited the doubles and USA would be winning six love six love now. The reason being the reason it's been given is because is that the players were deemed to be injured. Three of the four players now must really understand that given the go-to squads and you are allowed to change the lineup Frank anxious basically admitted in his press conference the Canadian captain that they did it to preserve more than anything. He says. They're not quite able to play what they up to their highest level..

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