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We'll pick it up later. But that's how close it came to you not being in the movie. Uh-huh. Responsible Bradley for everything that happens in this movie. That's amazing. That's the most important thing to understand. There's no, Bradley. There's no movie this movie could never have come to do what it is with somebody else that the head ever with the last netter too. I just wanna do some big picture just closing first thing that kind of comes to your mind. The response this movie, you we can gauge it from reviews, we can gauge it from the box office. I wanna ask have you ever felt a part of something remotely like them? You know, what does it? I've had good fortune over the years to work with some really talented people both in front of and behind the camera of have nice notices over the years. But I've never had anything this thing that fucking title and never seen anything like as a lifeguard. Astounding. Right. It's down did. So in Toronto wept. Soon as film. I was at a couple of you know, stages the earlier when I saw as I walked out with the fuck it was given. It was thrashed. Granted it was a first assemblage. But there were new relationships or new characters in in the second one. It was really all Ghada and Bradley. And it was beautiful, and it was the music, but it wasn't the rest of us. Toronto. So all that stuff came back in the resolve these full blown supporting characters and the relationship between Gog on Bradley had been polished to have and a music and been brought to what it was it. It just destroyed me. I walked backstage. Stephanie said you okay. I was weeping man because of the story or because you realize. All there. And I realized that I was a partisan really fucking unbelievable. Right. And what a gift this man had given me. And and the music the music, just the music is as brilliant. And every you know, I don't know. I could just sit here for the next hour say how incredible I think to film itch, but dance your question. No, not even remotely ever been involved in like this and don't expect that ever will be again. Well, what you've called like a title of this rising tide has lifted everybody everybody is being celebrated rightly the movies tremendously successful, Bradley Gaga. Everybody's talking about. But we should not forget in this. Same Elliot, Scott. A creek choice nomination a sag award nomination. Right. Any number of critics awards and various things, and we still got a few more weeks of this thing. So the question is how does it feel to insult as you know, everybody's always kind of known about. About you. And I think it's often for a lot of people like I know that when you come on. There's a good feeling I like this guy seen them forever. But to actually have people sort of stop and appreciate yes. It's about this role. But it's I think it's also about the body of work. Right. So what is that like to have that happen hasn't? You know? Kind of recognition where you know that it's from the heart, and it's not bullshit that somebody's giving you. You know, it's a wonderful thing. You know again. I just rather gave me pretended something I'd never done before. And I think that he was keen on doing that from the beginning. Remember him telling me that made I wanna see play this guy. That's as bitter character. You know, he headed mind in the beginning. And he had to goods, you know, Bradley, the ask all of us to trust him in the beginning. He asked me that night when I was walking out of that place. He said man, if you just trust me big lead to did this, and if you can trust somebody, you can get at the truth, and that's the search Gog goes on that forever. Looking for the truth Bradley's as a filmmaker and as an actor too. And that's the most fun when you can get at the truth. And if the audience believes what you're pedaling to them. Last question in this moment, which is got to feel pretty special if your dad's see this, what would he make of it all that's tough one. If you go from the answer, I know it'd be very proud of me, maybe.

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