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I agree different the first night timmermans basically he's been sentenced for didn't come in then he goes into he meets morgan freeman my life basically is it like life it's not it has the different yeah relationship between the prisoners because to like prison life the night in prison was a bit like but it's basically he escapes sorry one of the key how he escaped i thought that was amazing because fest night he yeah but so what are you like okay say is even seen it you don't film and you and you story it was gonna ask like what do you think about institution lies ation because there's a big question that there's a guy of brooks and he gets his perot's up so he can leave off he's been in fifty years and he doesn't know how he's going to manage outside world peace in the film that light you know inside important we have our rose we respected outside we nobody just like every conman criminals i'm gonna raise that question about instant institutionalization in like how important or what impact not actually does have people each person because you can put that back down to schools i know we've been school for like sixteen years in prison five that they tell you but i think the question is what our prisons failing to do if people are coming out and then prepared for the life will ability to rehabilitate they they need to be but then then being so yeah you can kind of rehabilitate yourself sometimes if you have to tools and stuff and you get the right people.

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