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That about a man like him nothing about a man like him nothing about him that one of the things up every six months takes me six months to write one line sometimes like pick each word individually that's one I wasn't talking he wasn't we are will be on the set I'm talking to to Donald Sutherland you know is an imposing figure for Philip Kaufman was guiding us and I remember us improvising a little bit that wasn't exactly in there I wasn't even talking to was I'm not talking about a man like him very bad kid I think I put some of that stuff in there and that part and the way I'm sort of half hopefully you know unrecognized unacknowledged you know those I knew some about that I saw Donald Sutherland in a movie called Joanna look that up you won't know that movie was a British little arch offering I think was it maybe his first thing and so I did this movie with them and then I saw a mash of course and then did the Altman film part of the Altman six family a little little bit do having done those couple of movies and then so by the time I did this is seventy eight I said yes Donald forecaster and I I don't think I ever told you the story Donald about seeing you in Joanna an ad cetera etcetera you know so the trees and was I've been pretty pretty little case I think that at this point in your career I'm going to stipulate that you have reached iconic status and you know being an icon is partly about you know you're here Kerr extraordinary guests you know your your juried art that you've created it's also in a way that could be difficult about like you know icons are simplified and I wonder but I got I wonder what that's like for you as somebody who is an actual human being well you know I don't take too seriously it's all coming going everything is fleeting and you know so six through this too shall pass away we need good too upset about one thing or another but this is all a lucky occurrence and I'm in a cycle of current attention of a you know from one place or another but and I know what you mean and I've always you know ostensibly my posture has been and still is that I want to do a variety of parts and and be able to break out be creative and and and do all sorts of things but it's also true I don't feel and the the the the headline here the upshot is that I don't feel any particular did tension or difficulty or burden by any of what I think you're referring to and part of that may be because the stuff that people seem to enjoy our that's become you know repeated or whatever you you call it has come out of might nothing that's been calculated or has been been designed to make an impression or to create some kind of cartoon figure or you know sketch of myself but it's it's come out of something that I might call authentic we have five not breaking my good armed in order to Pat myself on the back to see outrageously because I'm not really the I'm just saying that I'm enjoying myself and that I do stuff like this that because of that I think is something that people seem to enjoy and I do other stuff in this vein where I sort of you know along with an incomplete pre and just sort of under unload upload the the extent of my pleasure of you know is being you know doing whatever I do whether it's playing music because there's a lot of good aspects that playing music which I like and playing with people I do have a genuine I guess it comes from that original mais durch technology to some of my animation comes from just letting myself alone really at least that's what I've tried to do but I think I've you know I've I've done it to one extent or another and and put my and got interested in other people sometimes or something outside myself and then there I go and I'd gives rise to whatever I seem to be doing in an on calculated way so whatever comes out of it is kind of this okay with me it doesn't seem false or not part of me or not having come out of me and what do I care anyway even if it's not even if it puts me in a corner I say nobody puts baby in a corner and what movies that from yeah it's from dirty dancing exactly exactly thirty days only recently learned that that that I had never seen dirty dancing until about two years ago I have no idea that was a reference to a character whose name is baby Jeff yeah Joe every not on a surprise Jennifer grey yeah that's right you know Joe agrees father was way who is Joe grey's father Joe grey's father Jennifer great grandfather was Mickey Katz you may get a kick out of looking up for some of your listeners may get a kick out of looking up Mickey Katz we had a record when we were kids cats puts on the dog and it was all his novelty songs that he would saying that are delightful for one reason or another and every time I run into the few times I've run into Joel grey we sing them to each other yeah Mickey Katz well we're we're far off the course and I've already taken up too much of your time so all Jeff Goldblum thank you so much for taking the time to be on bulls eye it was so so nice to get to talk to you I can't thank you enough and so nice to talk to you I call this show the area entertainment for the young one we used to call it to the sound of young America sound of young America bull's-eye bull's-eye and bulls eye we hit the bull's eye or we went far.

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