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In the news at this hour in battled congressmen had knee and will be retiring at the end of his term amid sexual harassment allegations i am andrew kramer two months before his retrial on sex assault charges of set to begin in montgomery county bill cosby's new defence team says charges should be tossed because prosecutors can't prove the encounter happened within the statute of limitations i'm jim melwert in norristown i'm chris joe hanson the trial begins for the man charged with shooting if they'll be caught allegedly in the name of isis two years ago absolutely amazed at jesse heart is hear what the suspect setting court coming up she miers news update us no secret president trump doesn't think bunch of the rush you a pro but did he tried to fire special counsel robert muller multiple reports suggest he did last summer and might have had it not been for the threaten resignation of his white house counsel cbs's paula reid resident cannot directly related this national like candy however is order deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to fire special counsel robert muller and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein he's been asked about the several times when he has testified before congress and he has suggested that if he was ordered to fire him without 'cause he would not do that the president had apparently been told by white house staffers at muller's services special counsel was a conflict of interests political analysts seri saveta these vacation would have fallen very quickly earlier shipley no way the public would have accepted this and would not accept it now and won't accept it in the future if he attempts to firebomb more cbs news update i'm jim chenevey kyw news time is 132 it's time for traffic and transit on the twos we still have an accident out there on the boulevard southbound at said woodhaven not blocking any lanes looks like it's all to the right shoulder no delays but just a heads up as you go on by once again that's the boulevard southbound at what haven an accident now off to the right let's go to the schuylkill expressway seventy six east all lanes are blocked off at the vine street expressway overnight construction you're being detoured at the vine until five seventy six west you're getting by no problems but we do have some left lane construction from south street all the.

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