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How are things going. Happy friday dan. I'm doing well and About to finish up the spring training. Shift down here in jupiter. The cardinals will play their final grapefruit league game on monday. Then they head to cincinnati. I'll be there for the season opener and then back home. It's getting very close Cardinals baseball is almost back and and And we're very pack up pack up down here and head back home eventually. Yeah you guys you have your special section in the post dispatch assuming coming out this weekend. Getting ready for opening day. Can you pull back the curtain. A little sneak peek of what fans can expect can. Yeah thanks for asking i think Folks will be really excited to read my colleague. Derek gould's cover story on nolan are not oh and paul goldschmidt their past together and how it came to be that they're playing for the same team as prominent figures who are hoping to lead the cardinals back to A world series. It's this would be ten years. Dan without the cardinals winning a world series which is a long time when you lead the national league and eleven. And that's that's the big story on the front. I've got a column on jack flaherty. We've got position reviews. Projections are picked for the postseason. All that and more in sunday's post-dispatch you can already find some of the content rolling out at and we hope folks copy. Yeah i hope folks tune in sunday. Ten thirty at Fox channel two. And then it'll be shown on the website the next day but fox channel to attend thirty I have build a with the third and john mozilla season preview of the cardinals and a lot of it would build a with a third is getting fans back in the stands. How they're going to do it. How it looks for fans how fans can buy tickets and with mo dissecting the roster and really just getting into cardinal baseball. i. I'm really interested in what you have to say about jack. Flaherty and you'll get the opening day. Simon you know you think about it. Probably should be adam wainwright who gets the season opening silent. He's been the best down in spring training if you're going to do it on merit like that Now he will get the home opener. That'll be a sixth. But what about flare what what are you. What what angle you take with jack. Flaherty in your in your column. This guy is supposed to be the the face of this rotation and he should be the best pitcher in the national league central. And if he's not. I think it's going to be very hard for the cardinals to be the best team in the national league central You know you got trevor bauer. Who's gone now. Goes to the dodgers You know You darvish has left to go to the padres and if if jet flaherty. He wants the cardinals to rise to the level of the padres and the dodgers and he's got a pitch i he can beat one of those teams. He was so good in the postseason. Start last year in san diego that needs to be the jack flaherty. We see this season you go back and look at his numbers from last season. Dan and it's kind of commonplace. Your people say well. They didn't have a very good year. Well he didn't really have a year. I don't think we can really analyzed pitched longer than five innings one time after the season opener..

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