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Four or five South bound and in Seal Beach, the four or five north and at the 605 Look out for a disabled vehicle. You'll find it off to the right shoulder. Kay if I in the sky hopes get you there faster. I'm Dave Joseph. The pandemic has caused yet another problem. Increased alcohol tolerance. I'm attorney Darren Kavinoky from 1 800 no cuffs. Let's get riel some of you on the zoom meetings or his drunkest Spring breakers. Yes, it is always five PM somewhere in the world, says Joan from accounting. But if you've got to get out there for an adult beverage know that law enforcement's out there too. So put 100 no cuffs on speed dial since no one looks good in handcuffs unless you're into that sort of thing. 1 800 no cuffs 187777 Don't easy vacation catcher and 187 Also accepting boats, motorcycles, RVs and real estate donations. If it's been years since you've been to the dentist's may because you're afraid you keep putting it off. I mean, so many people are frightened of the dentist. Let me suggest visiting cunning dental, which happens to be open during the pandemic. Cutting dental specializes in people that are fearful of the dentist. They repair years of neglect. And one or two appointments, all while under a gentle twilight sleep, which basically means you're stoned out of your mind.

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