Hillary, North Korea, Ron Um discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show


I can't every of anything that he said that he didn't lie about from you know not not getting entangled in foreign affairs pretty much basically we were going to be more of an isolationist country meanwhile all he's doing is warmongering around the planet from pilot van but he was the one who is the quote piece candidate people who were voting against hillary were saying well she's going to start a war so i'm gonna vote for for trump and today another american was killed and five thousand troops are being sent over there and are troop level is way up from what it was so uh piece nick i don't think so no i don't think so either know that that's right he had his people saying hillary was the one who is going to get us involved in a war a you know i'll be shocked if we make it to this time next year uh without having been embroiled in a new war oh absolutely i can't imagine not uh and i'm terrified about what's going on with with the north korea and now he ron um but that's a whole nother yup here on as i understand who is also a nuclear power oh god yes his suites about pakistan to unblock i had i may have a tweet about that i don't remember no i don't um but nikki haley uh was also opening our big trapped today so she's calling an emergency meeting or i wish i have that tweet i've lost i've lost it somewhere but um all of this all three now are are just making my hair stand on end queen cummings you know quinn coming czaja turn iter actress right she's fantastic i she's quoting a a tweet here from talking points memo quoting ben sas is not helpful to call the press the enemy of the american people he says and she says while another thirty or forty vertebrae and you might be able to stand up right.

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