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Marquess your PA fell fat. Oh with you from Ann Arbor, Michigan when it's Ohio State and Michigan football great. Rivalry basketball's had some good rivalry over years. Little testy there about a minute ago. We saw four technical fouls issued the right now. Michigan in-command fifty two thirty eight seven thirty four. And that was the frozen frustration fouls for Ohio State because in the second half. Michigan is absolutely put the clamps on the twenty seven percent shooting. That's not going to get it done anywhere force. And they've made so many turnovers seventeenth turnovers to just seven for Michigan. So it's been all a wolverines. But while I think he's two coaches are classy guys, and they don't want the problem. The other thing is you don't wanna fight to break out. Now, they've got to do with suspensions and have to play without their players. You you do that for a week in this league? You may find yourself dropping three spots in the standings. So especially for house state who's have got some depth issues. Kyle young stress fracture, and he may be gone. For a month. I don't think either. I mean, Michigan's only had six different ways Jordan pool hitting the first two free throws from Michigan at seven thirty four to go. So let's not exactly like you're playing. Tagolo people either. Rule. Second order is good as well. Fifteen points for Jordan pool. Fifty four thirty eight Michigan seven and a half minutes to go in Ann Arbor. Sean. Nightside to Mohammed holding the ball past goes to Washington about ten feet beyond the arc pursued onscreen to the high post twelve shoot outside the woods on the left to the top two arms with eight still on top of the three point arc Muhammed with five Bahama crossover shoots at three missed it and pull glides in for the rebound. Bring it into the forecourt at it. Poked away fell out down lost its still on the floor. Washington comes away with it get the steel and the recovery. Not a Muhammed with under seven minutes to play drops it off for Washington with a ball fake comes across the screen at the top on the left side against livers passes stolen by Simpson. A steal. What a night for savior Simpson. Six forty to go. Great pass down low and down for Charles Matthews. The eleventh assist tonight for savior Simpson's. Vincent needs one point two rebounds for triple double. Don't see very many of those obviously the college game. And he's tonight. He's fifty six thirty eight Michigan. Now looking at a route. Here's a bump, a whistle. And before the shot on pool is woods went out as the sixty team foul the baseline inbound coming with six eighteen ago. Michigan has had a nine run over the last two minutes, a twelve to run over the last five minutes, and they've just broken this thing wide open. The inbound pass, and it goes to lessen Andrei Wesson, fouled and one that that inbound underneath the basket. And Andre Watson is playing with four personals chance at a three point play beautiful. I look at that. And I say, this is what you need you need without football an execution, and they caught livers turning his head for just the slightest moment Russian-Made a basket cut caught. It turns into a three four point. He hits the free foot only the sixth field goal made by Ohio State in the second half three point play. Makes it a fifteen point game fifty-six forty-one Michigan leading with six seventeen to go. Again, the two to one Prestwood. Let's see if they look to trap out of it this time, they really gonna do just to slow Michigan down and try and make us a short shot clock and could trap. They don't. They just bring it up Simpson. Very easily Simpson. The number two this man in the big ten eleven dimes tonight gives it up livers has it on top left side pass to Charles Matthews one dribble into the corner livers. Good. Meghan happened in the second half eighteen point lead over the buckeyes at that. Magic number. Arns will the drive down the left post lays it up an end for the freshman to quiet the crowd temporarily. Michigan forty seven percent this half when states given up higher than forty five percent fuel. They've had a rough time with this year. Michigan five of nine this half from three shots early dominating. The arc house well-nigh made ten majors. Five simpson. Termez dribble. Passes gets back with seventy shoot at the top process over right till shoots and misses on three beautiful move. Just couldn't finish off the triple. Try downcourt the other way Muhammad from the elbow rises short off the front rim bras data's players and brings it into the forecourt at six seven good handles all the way to the elbow. Now sends it back. They could take some time off the clock of five minutes to go. You are jumps up with both arms. Extended facing down. The universal signed for slowdown boys. Just a thirty second clock in the NCAA wins the half minute at a time four forty five to go. Here's pool cutting from the right down the middle. Couple dribbles passes out. Open quarter Matthews triple that one is rebounded by arns on the base. It's up to CJ Jackson's processing half court four and a half minutes to go. The puck is trailing by sixteen points. Arns triple handoff would back to arms catch and shoot. Lefty three around it out Simpson. The rebound that's number nine one more one more point as well. Nine nine eleven preserve your Simpson you deserve like to see him. Get it to be honest with tremendous coming up on four minutes to play pros. Nephews will send it left side the Simpson against Muhammed. They switch Simpson crossing over down the lane a big, long righty. Eleven points nine boards. One more rebound. You know, they know it here Chrysler arena, here's catching shoot three around rounded out almost had a chance at the rebound is loose Ohio State has it passed to arns right at the stores, sixty one forty five in favor of Michigan. Three and a half minutes to go. Xavier Simpson's number two and assists in the big ten to cash caches Winston and talking to people. They can't wait for that match up Simpson and Winston when Michigan plays Michigan state to steals tonight. The leading man in steals on this team's Simpson with three tend to go on top look side of the bras. Daycares dribbles down toward the baseline now. Cuts to the mid post in the lane looking to shoot as he was fouled. Get to the free throw line how status long past the limit with three. Oh, seven to go timeout here at Michigan. Wolverines sixty one Ohio State forty five three oh seven left to play. This is college basketball on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by peleton. Indeed.

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