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Parents waiting these kids deserve to play the numbers justify it as you've already read. So at this point, I don't see any reason why you guys will not Allow them to flake Room. Belcher, making a plea on behalf of his son of senior decision I'm going back to class is expected when the board meets again next week. They wanted. Donner first responders on the anniversary of 9, 11, 2, football players and Little Miami High School ran onto the field Friday night carrying American flags, one with a thin blue stripe, the other thin red stripe. They say they did it on our police and firefighters. But those two players have been suspended. Little Miami district says the students did not have permission to carry the flags and, according to at least one report We're told they couldn't do it and chose to anyway, representative The little Miami schools will be Eddie and Rocky's guests at 3 35 this afternoon, right here on news radio serving W W. Is this going to be a September to remember for the Reds first baseman Joy Votto says It feels good to be part of a playoff race. After so many years of not being in contention. It feels so good to be playing to be playing meaningful games because If anybody were to, you know, throw uniform on and plane. Any sport be competitive in anything you know, it feels so much better to be, um, to feel like you have a shot to feel like the games are meaningful. With a sweep of the doubleheader yesterday. The Reds are one game back of the Giants for the final wildcard spot. They played Pittsburgh again tonight. Air time. 5 40 worried about the status of kicker Randy Bullock for Thursday night's game in Cleveland report said that the Bangles of sight Austin Sybert, who was just cut by the Browns yesterday, Cleveland released him after he missed two field golden extra point against the Ravens. He could replace Bullock, who missed the game tying kick for the Bangles against the Chargers. Bullock and Cyber Worth the only NFL kicker struggling week 1% of made field goals was barely over 70%..

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