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Give that go when you think about muhammad ali these considered the greatest boxer indices history of sports how can you be the greatest when he has about fifty seven wing is a five losses you'd be the greatest you have losses gotta on your record a lot of people think that a champion is somebody who never lose this woman actuality that's not the case the champion is not somebody who does not lose but a chevy in that somebody who asks is in light somebody who's been knocked down in life with inspite of all those those losses and all those times that you've been knocked down you decide to give back up so people read this book is gonna give you strengthened strategy is gonna give you practical and pragmatic principles on how to in the fight of your life whatever this fighting made big may axis and basque beavis you send you know in your book you're talking about how to win right now to america you know some people say we'll winning some people say we're not winning in your cherchi policy the same thing if you had to tell our listeners today one thing about winning what would you have to tell uh i tell them you know some of the things in some of the exsoviet in my book like for instance you might give the analogy of a boxer uh before bossa gets into the room and you got to trim the fat uh at a lot of people who claim christianity trying to win the fight of their lives put the attache and i'm not just talking about physically have save i'm talking about spiritually outta c boxes get ready to trim the fat are they have to eat right and they have to exercise i like wise in a spiritual since when i assume the fat i gotta eat right i gotta have a steady diet of the word a guy most christians if the truth be told the people who claim christianity only read the bible when they come to church but i'm eating physical food three times a day every single day so my diet as it'd be rice fiercely.

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