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To report to work and listen irony npr news miami you're listening to npr news from washington this is wnyc from new york i'm richard hake good morning at seven 04 sixty nine degrees overcast skies right now in new york city the mta reporting that the b f you to an five trains all running with lease right now nj transit reporting delays on the north jersey coast and a main bergen a pork jervis lines while hurricane jose appears likely to stay out in the atlantic ocean some of its effects may be felt in this area a tropical storm watches mission for the coast from fenwick island delaware to sandy hook new jersey including east rockaway inlet and the long island sound the us national hurricane center says the storm may bring high winds rain gene dangerous surf and rip currence president trump is back here in new york city for the annual meeting of the un general assembly wnyc sean carlsson has more president trump's third trip to his hometown since taking office will be met with a handful of protests in manhattan demonstrators plan to hold a rally in the main corridor of grand central station too day a facebook events says the rally will protest the white whitesupremicist policies of president trump vice president mike pence and attorney general jeff sessions advocacy group code pink will hold another rally tomorrow to protest trump's meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the group says it's protesting the policies of both leaders among them advocating for the construction of oppressive walls in the words of code pink president trump is scheduled to address the general assembly tomorrow president trump's child at home has recently been hosting some new occupants refugees the house the trump's father built in queens is now a rental available on airbnb the international antipoverty organization oxfam o rented it out over the weekend and invited people the common share their immigration stories the move was meant to draw attention to the refugee crisis says the un convenes eamonn ali as a refugee and naturalized us citizen whose family fled war in somalia her own household items were spread throughout the house as part of the display the dress the.

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