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Of a percent of 1806 70 an ounce The dollar Yan one 1338 the Euro dollar 1661 the British founded 37 87 Ford is up nearly 12% of the highest level in over 7 years after the automaker boosted its full year profit forecast and said it will restore its dividend I don't know how much of this is attributable to the fact that Matt Miller bought 6 brand new king ranch super duty F two 50s to haul around his 36 brand new ducatis That is a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continue by the way Did you know that the king ranch is one of the largest working ranches in America Yep I'm from Texas Yes Oh so you know Not everyone knows since 1853 It's been in the same family and it's like a 900,000 acre plus ranch And figure out about the surface water value on that ranch sometime as T Boone pickens once did Interesting All right great Jerry Thank you so much We appreciate that We got green on the screen Today let's get some color on that with one more Sox editor Dave Wilson Well we can just start with Ford Why not You've heard it all 7 year high up more than 12% biggest gain in the S&P 500 those third quarter numbers going over really well and why not Because after all Ford raise its annual profit forecast in response to those results and also declared its first dividend since the start of the pandemic last year But you go through the 11 main industry groups in the S&P 500 Ford fits into the consumer discretionary category which is a bit middle of the pack today Real estate and healthcare leading the way among the 11 main groups healthcare you got Merck's earnings that went over well and that stock higher by almost 4% The one group that stay on communication services and a lot of ass Comcast initially the response to the cable and entertainment companies results was positive and then it wasn't I mean Comcast at the moment down about 1% And we're seeing enough the quiets across that group Google's owner alphabet for one that we're seeing a bit of weakness there communication services off about three tenths of a percent All right Dave thanks very much Dave Wilson there with a wrap of the stock market for right now We all have things we love Dave loves Bruce Springsteen Greg loves Mexican bottled water Paul loves muniz and I love Ducati motorcycles We have with us now the CEO of Ducati Claudio demented colleague I couldn't be more excited for so many reasons I had almost don't know where to start but why don't we start with electrification Claudio you recently agreed to supply moto E with well the entire lineup of bikes that they need for support starting in 2023 How different is an electric Ducati gonna be Yeah first of all thank you Thank you for this question I do everyone Actually it will be very different on some experts and very similar in other we wanted to do this exercise and actually to make our self dealing into this new era because actually we wanted to take the opportunity to start from the top and to start from racing actually because it's about performance in average segment we are either this Panigale or multistrada or even the other or monster are very different So could it be different for electrical motorcycles So actually we are super happy that we find this agreement with donor And so now we have four years in which we will supply the bike We can develop the technology and become actually expert in producing high end sports electric and powertrain That's exactly where we want to be Now for those listeners who don't know what dorna is dorna runs the MotoGP It's the highest level of motorcycle racing in the world They have about 300 million people tuning in every weekend Last weekend I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it My wife was in tears and I was on my knees as we watched first Jack Miller and then peco benia Wipe out at mizan O but I feel like next year must be pecos year Claudio next year is the year that Ducati wins the world championship again What do you think I mean we are working very hard on that And actually we won actually 5 races already this year And a pickle has been incredible strong and much better than it was in the first two years This year for him has been a year number three in most of the and actually never won one race before this year And actually we won two in a row and we made four proposition aro and actually even sadly was worried bad luck and was leading from last one to actually were just 5 laps to go and we're still in the race So all the elements are there the bike is in our opinion a much more balanced than it was the engine as always been very strong It's not the strongest in most of GP So I think all the elements of the to make a very good championship next year Yeah well clearly I mean Mark Mark has had just given up as the temperature dropped I think was probably the main problem the hard tire But definitely petco was a clear winner before He just lost the front end Speaking of winning Pikes Peak is a race Motorcycles no longer participate but Ducati won I think four or 5 times in a row with the multistrada Today you've introduced a new multistrada What can we expect Yeah actually we moved to Friday you know one of our main pillar in the product range It's not the strongest Actually it's kind of it was a car would be an SUV like the Porsche Cayenne and so it's a bike which is a very comfortable and you can go with 1 billion take your luggage and a lot of wind protection a lot of range but still it's a very sports motorcycle because actually our multi third and our baby four as you know which is a fantastic engine 170 horsepower And the multi we just launched last year actually this year for the first full year It's a fantastic balance motorcycle We can call it all around but then we wanted to make a high performance version of that So we'll just throw the pike pick that we are just launching now in this moment on the digital channels Is the most important build So it's based on the usual combination of 17 inch strong area with this time with the sticky.

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