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New jersey jibe damage dinner edem steve trevelise from the man who brought you trivia bush oh what else do we know about new jersey comes jerseys opening the first thing you hear on weekends music comes out the truth is we normally do this on thursday nights but i'm not going to be thursday night and i want to give you a chance to win tickets to the big comedy night fundraiser we're gonna have on may the fifth at heights down firehouse don jamieson emmy award winning comedian don jamieson is his album live in hilarious broke the billboard top ten for comedy you know for that metal show vh one you know vanessa unwise beer money definitely a sports guy raising money for you e ball my son's flag football league is going to be all kinds of great things going on now you're gonna get a show ticket there's dinner and show available the one that they got an open bar with the dinner it's a good move it's it's going to be a great night joe bubble it's very funny joe bubble it's gumby central sirius xm and myself could be great show three comedians saturday night may the fifth the down you can get a pair of tickets or you gotta do is guest the opening line of the song we play every weekend on new jersey one zero one point five when the music comes out the play these are the songs you have known all your life these are the sole that i give you the opening line and should come right to you and i do everything possible for you to win because i want people in the in the seats when i tell jokes i need laughter and i figured if i'm giving you the.

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