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Republican ROY Boulter leads democrat Danny O'Connor by. About seventeen hundred votes but, the Ohio secretary states astounds of provisional ballots still. Need to be verified and counted Alderson has cleared victory in the. Race, nonetheless, Sean trendy in elections analyst Realclearpolitics, told, six ten. And show Riley the results last night show President Trump. Isn't doing well in urban areas like Franklin county but it also seems likely that part of it is a longer. Term trend of of suburbanites turning away from the GOP has become a. Little bit more socially liberal. Others. Say with these same matchup likely in. November the electorate walls to. Be different with the whole midterm election ballot before, voters then they will have supreme, courts ruled e. cod is on the. Hook for paying back millions of dollars to the state. Of fudged attendance numbers back. In February an, attorney for the now. Defunct online charter school argued state law makes no mention of students participating in class, work, in, order to. Get state money in a traditional school there is no measurement of duration whatsoever funding is premise solely upon enrollment it, doesn't matter whether the student goes to school doesn't matter where. The student is sick delinquent engage whatsoever there is no consequence to a brick and mortar. School today's four to vote leaves cut, on, the line to pay the Back about eighty million dollars school shut down, in January as, a result, a Republican, congressman from western New. York's been charged with insider. Trading along with the son and the father of his son's, fiancee on June twenty second 2017 Representative Chris Collins was at the White House for a congressional picnic when he received an Email from the chief executive of an Australian pharmaceutical. Company Collins was on the company's board and the CEO had bad news a multiple sclerosis drug failed a test court records, said Collins responded wile makes no sense a minute later court records said he called his son Cameron to tip him off knowing the sun would use it to. Trade and tip others Collins allegedly. Avoided seven hundred sixty eight thousand dollars in losses he surrendered to the FBI and was awaiting an initial appearance in court Aaron Katersky ABC. News New York Columbus police officer accused. Of paying for sex while and. Duties out of a job the city's director of public safety agree with the police chiefs, recommendation, to fire. Officer Randall Mayhew three women accuse me paying them for. Sex while he was in uniform on duty an internal affairs invest Ended with Mayhew being charged criminally but was dropped will Mayhew. Pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty.

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