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Saw lynn swann over by the locker room. However you i was about ten and And my the guy that was our to my dad he goes. You wanna go say. Hey lynn. swann. And i was like i'm i'm okay. I so badly wanted to do it. But i was so nervous. that I just couldn't bring myself to doing it and And then most of my life even as an adult why didn't say highlands one. I would really. That would have been really really cool. I used to before. I moved to kansas city. When i was a kid i i. We had a football pencil machine at our school. And i used to give steeler pencils to this guy that word with my dad. There was from pittsburgh and so the steelers were playing. I was living in california. They were playing the la rams and he took me. I was in first grade and that changed my life. I was a such a steelers fanatic as a kid to this day. If i need to remember a number an f. o. Number and address or something right all associated with a player from the seventies late seventies. Steelers if you name and number. I'll see if i don't even know for chris sunday. This is all this plan. We haven't planned okay. This is all jogged to go through the go to the pro football reference. By and and we'll we'll we'll put together a phone number for paul rudd area code i. We'll figure it out for his steelers. What year in particular. I don't know maybe go lake Seventy nine nine thousand nine hundred seventy nine steelers call him up. I don't know this is fantastic. I have no idea. Seventy eight seventy nine what you know. I don't know think you got it over there chris. Okay for paul polaroid. Let's let's do rocky bleier. He's twenty twenty correct when swan eighty-eight benny cunningham eighty-nine larry brown seventy-nine ailing the order. This the he'll be three eighty three. If you want on. Say a number. And i'll see if i can get player. Nice sixty three sixty three. Was that ernie homes. Tom tom dohrn brooke right right. Ray right ernie. Holmes was before seventy nine. Okay give another one. Forty seven forty. Seven was blunt correct. Fifty nine fifty nine. Was jack ham. Fifty to fifty to mike webster. Correct fantastic pretty impressive. Fifty eight for the win. Eight win would be jack lambert from kent state university guys. Paul rudd. I remember that because we were stunned. That number eight four four zero four rich is the number to doubt here on the rich eisen. Show michael keaton about the jonasson second. He's a diehard steeler fan. We just showed video of paul rudd being here a couple years ago i forgot. He stunned us a big chiefs guy. He he grew up loving the steelers. You new names and numbers off. The top is unbelievable and it just realized he was wearing a black was right there. Golf bowling shirt. I'm such a fan of this guy. And i've told it to his face when i've had a fortune to be in his presence of one of the greatest i think compliment. You can give an actor is he's he or she is great and everything and that includes the protege which i saw last night in advance of this interview. It's available in theaters. This friday starring maggie q samuel l. jackson. And this man. Michael keaton here on the rich eisen. Show how you been sir. Our haven't seen you for a while. it's been way too long. Talk about rudd yet. Run is a hard chief sky but he grew up loving the steelers and new them left right up and down by name and number and everything new. I like this guy seriously makes me laugh. One day We were sitting there somewhere at some event somewhere and i never met him but we kind of nodded each other across the room and I i was with. And i walked over. 'cause she'd come in and she said paul right has the greatest skin and so i said it was perfect so that he Nice to meet you. But more importantly can i say you've been nicest skin so did you talk moisturizers with him out. Moisturised paul man manny just john. He's i mean he's mr kansas city and he loves his chiefs but i had no idea he grew up with the steelers. So what do you think of your team going into us. And you're should. I worry i here's the here's the thing. Maybe i'll get in trouble for this but boy that wouldn't be the first time It's thirty nine right. Definitely pushing forty. And but that's okay because you when you go You know when you talk about Couple of quarterbacks like the one we are you know the probably best you go do like forty and you go. Yeah but i'm sorry man that's forget that forget that number when it comes to him with ben. I'm not sure he has that regimen out that you know exactly the two words you don't usually associate with ben rothlisberger michael keaton our health and not. That's that's what i mean. So so the question is is what will happen but he does look more in shape. And here's here's the one guy that i'm pegging okay or for the steelers. It's najji harris the crafted. Because this is the way to get ben to stop and the offense maybe to stop winging it around fifty times a game the side how talented their receivers may be. Just give it to this kid and go back to the old school you know and that hitting people in the mouth. That's the way. I think tomlin. I think deep down. That's what he wants to play a to change now. Raymond the ring bags never meant you after running back. That's who you want and you you you thought those guys up now the game so different people go running back a couple years out of one you know. He'll get all beat up and we'll move on the next kit. There's always gonna be really fast kid and some really good kids draft. You know that. I mean that's the way it seems to go because it's such a throwing game now you know but i don't know you know look Let's let's hope but they you know they kinda improve the line a little bit right. Yes they did and they and they get devin bush back in the middle of that exactly right and i love joe. Haden man He's he's like a unicorn back there in your twelve for him. I don't know you know. Obviously t. j. watt. They're kind of like the shrug emoji team they could be. They could be dreadful Based on maybe getting hurt with some important players or they could just be the surprise of twenty. Twenty one and a nice little throwback for the awesome by the way. That's the first are you. Did you coin shrug emoji. Yeah i. I don't know i'll ask my around here. Have their shrug emoji tweets. We've been kind of saying it. Sweet guess michael struggling. You're there are some emojis or just never happen like like. Let me think this overall get right back to you the most. I would love that. That would be. That would be a nice little shorthand. Sir can put people off. Michael keaton here on the rich eisen show. I love this movie. brother the protege it was. It's it's you know directed by the same director of casino royale and it does have a great spy thriller..

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