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Earlier you guys were talking about a cat meme yes without that related to real housewives the cat in the meme according to Becca not much this much he's from either one Canada she's our Canada her friend could look yes I here's his Instagram links so she gave us smudges Instagram link wow that's Montana and then Gail on a Twitter says Taylor Armstrong is the woman in the meme from our H. O. B. H. you know that yes I do okay yes Taylor Armstrong that's her okay she was really yelling smudge the mileage I love it there so many funny animals that you could follow on Instagram speaking of Instagram if you want to see Steve's making fun of me I got a postcard yeah yeah I've been opposed it yeah when and so we got another email about that so basically Steve found a like a post it note where I had written down twenty nine minus six equals twenty three sure or something like that twenty nine minus twenty three April sixth I don't know whatever what it was easy math twenty nine ninety three yeah okay so alarming when you realize that a co worker wrote that down Kerry got my back subject twenty nine minus three Donna doodles all the time I do that when I'm on the phone it's not that I need to see it on paper it's just stuff that is running through my head or may be talking about with someone at the time it's not actually to do the math equation mum I think she's right can I do do that like if you said something yeah you do do I write down like if you were to say nineteen seventy seven I write down nineteen seventy seven right yeah you're a writer down a writer Downer by the way here's the story those were originally two separate images of Taylor Armstrong yelling and then does much the cat looking angry in front of a salad in someone ought messenger miss missing D. girl whatever some Twitter user splice them together back in may of last year and just said these photos together is making me lose it and it since became a meme.

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