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Welcome back to coast to coast back with Richard Stratton, of course, and your phone calls as well, Richard. You're telling us a whimsical story. Do you wanna finish it? Well, I was telling you actually about seeing what the the the devastation that was carrying caused by these planes that were spraying paraquat. Yeah. Fields of marijuana in Mexico. And and it was looked like a big black smudge on the side of this. This mountain across from where I was in the guy told me that when they sprayed it there were kids out there and the kids had died. I mean, it just you know, for what I mean, it didn't it doesn't stop anything. But. Probably spraying us anyways Richards book is called smuggler's blues. And I assume you can get this at bookstores style Richard you can get into bookstores. You can get it at Amazon it is available. I think from Barnes and noble, and yeah, it's out today. Today's the day perfect timing today's the publishing day. Yeah. And smuggler's blues is the first of a trilogy. The second book is called gulag America the prison years, and it tells the whole story of my eight years in prison and then the third book, which I'm just beginning on now is called in the world. And that's about getting out and how difficult it is to to readjust to to society. You know, often say that it might have been different if I'd had kids. I I'm grateful for the fact that I didn't have kids when I went away because you know, to to break. Hard. Yeah. That's the other thing about locking people up is that you destroy families. You know, when you put somebody in prison for fifteen.

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