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The only decision would have been resign or franchise or whatever ripe is the decision was after this season because you could have traded brady or whatever with brady and sign garoppolo to a sixyear deal or whatever you wanted to do and you would have been more than five the idea that this year brady who was the likely mvp wouldn't have played doesn't make any sense the question is after this year how much does brady have in the tank if you can project and that's all you can do now is project versus two other contrast how much did peyton manning end up having in the tank when the colts let go of them for lock and how much too far of have left in the tank when he was let go of for arron rogers and make a strong case that pain manning hand more left in a tank and we saw it then why tom rainy went and emrah farther at a couple of good season when one really good season in minnesota i win because the manning situation was mortified he got hurt so there was doubts if he'd even ever come back again from their neck injury uh and i don't think at the end far did pull out a miracle year minnesota brady has i trust the brady has a couple more years left but that doesn't mean that you served a couple years now to outline good as far played for like three more year better football than both bob manning was ridiculous woah man i had one of the great i can't say is can have that kind of year manning had one of the great seasons in nfl history after or in denver statistically of the year they actually got dominated by seattle in the super bowl was one of the greatest years ever for quarterback writing to me could be a top five to seven quarterback the next two years but the story is does that usurp nine more years of gravel and the point i make it is one or the other you got got to make a choice but ultimately pay manning had more if you had it if you asked me the following brady from the end of this year on word versus brett far post green bay i would make brady an underdog crash at performance while wow and i mean you.

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