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The difference Bloomberg markets extensive essential and endlessly entertaining I'm not a pet person I'm a financial analyst By the way someone writes in and says I didn't realize Paul hated American values Week three mornings at ten eastern on Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com The White House says President Biden is healthy and fit to execute his duties following his annual physical doctor Kevin O'Connor determined Biden to be an overall good health the day before his 79th birthday Biden visited Walter Reed medical center on Friday for a colonoscopy and routine check up Democrats are celebrating house passage of a $1.7 trillion social spending bill House speaker Nancy Pelosi called the bill monumental the leader of the Republican National Committee however is calling it wasteful spending by Democrats The spending package will expand the social safety net while combating climate change Kyle rittenhouse is speaking publicly after being acquitted of all charges in his murder trial The 18 year old was found not guilty on all counts Friday for fatally shooting two men and injuring a third during protests in Wisconsin last year after the verdict written house spoke to Fox News host Tucker Carlson about the jury's decision and said quote I believe they came to the correct verdict That's the latest I'm Julie Ryan And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg news room Two of Europe's banking giants picked the leaders who will help them navigate their next era UBS group today nominated former Morgan Stanley president colm Kelleher to succeed axel Weber as chairman next year A day earlier Deutsche Bank proposed a Dutch insurance veteran Alexander Wyatt's four chairman replacing Paul ack leitner Patrick Orlando who status as an operator of blank check firms skyrocketed last month when he reached a deal to bankroll former president Donald Trump's media company is scrapping one of his earlier ventures for hunting such transactions Orlando's special purpose acquisition company young Hong international plans to dissolve and liquidate It will redeem public shares at 10.31 cents apiece that according to a regulatory filing on Friday Yon Hong based in Wuhan China basically said it couldn't drum up enough business ahead of a deadline in the company's by laws Milk output in the U.S. is on an historic week streak potentially signaling climbing costs for dairy products More from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet Production per cow was less than a year ago for the third month in a row according to government data the last time that happened was more than 20 years ago according to Nate Don a director of dairy market inside its StoneX Group He says farmers are probably feeding their animals less the cost of grains like corn is soaring because of drought storms and robust demand labor and energy costs are also more expensive It's all hurting farmers bottom lines making it more difficult to afford feed Charlie pellet Bloomberg radio Amid the inflation surge that's rippling through the U.S. economy one of the more obscure products seeing a surge as the price of firewood Talked to firewood vendors in state after state and they'll all tell you the same thing sales are booming on the eve of winter and prices are soaring Global.

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