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I do hope you return to saint ignatius once in a while as i have. I always walked out of this church on a hill feeling better even on that sandy. Hook day feeling at the center of things. Salesforce built the greatest skyscraper in the land. Just two miles from here. For a reason my father taught physics at both san francisco state and stanford and often it was easier to get the great physicist of the century to speak in san francisco about eighty percent of. You are graduating today. Do not call san francisco your home city but more of you will stay a major wealth manager in san francisco called me last month specifically to ask for a usf graduate to be as chief of staff a sensitive position for somebody he could really trust. I forwarded to president fitzgerald dean davis and dr kansas. All of whom responded enthusiastically in minutes to try to help you dr. kansas later mentioned. You should not all take your first position out there quite so seriously as there will be many opportunities returning again today. I know the opportunity to speak to you in this place in time. May be the apex at age. Forty six for a variety of reasons including both parents are still relatively happy and healthy to be a part of this. My family is here today. My mother-in-law is here who believes all of this career family inspiration. All of its is due to grand design. My mother believes this is all due to chance. I think somewhere in the middle by the way this was also the exact opening of my wedding vows. I continued promising. My wife that i would meet her in the middle of our disagreements whether or not they were about our mothers and while i think having a loving family creates memorable moments that may result in chemical changes in the brain to make us more creative. I think we should also follow jack. Warner's advice to einstein's paraphrasing you. You have your theory of relativity. And i have mine. Don't hire a relative. I have a house on a hill. That's built into a cliff into the rock and the rain fell and the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house but did not fall matthew. Seven twenty four. A men to that. I see these guys eulogizing. Their fathers from time to time on cnn. And it's so tough and my own father is right here and he is not was a great father. He's a really good guy. You know i aspire to that i aspire to that i before anything else and my mother is great..

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