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On fourth down you buy gold not gold would give you about life the Dr's office for thirty six Johnson converted nine fourth downs on the season Jones again out of the gun as to why now it's to the left straight drop looking left now comes back Leslie has it at the twenty eight goals for the twenty five and that's enough for a first down Blake Martinez takes him down but it's good for a pick up of nine and a giant first now the Packers only Ross for their which makes it to the drop into is try to keep everybody up in front of you it's like the really nice job on a little bit of a hold his own the office of why did a better job keeping the for Russia's offer joke allowing that called the valve what is a huge first down five minutes to go first quarter the Packers should be very comfortable in this weather they leave seven nothing under center goes Jones seven yards deep in the backfield is partly takes the hand off and hits all the right side taking up about three weeks ago give him for the twenty one yard line Tyler Lancaster the defensive and in his second year on a northwestern with the tackle that's already the sixth Kerry for se Kwan Barkley he has a total of about twelve yard so far so they're they're committed to the run well it's been successful remains to be seen these are the kind of world that that over the course of football game you can stick with it and not get behind these Florida fifty twenty pulled your will give a ten where the drive for the giants.

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