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Aidid aides say european eight eight seventy nine three seven seven six you call me and told me thank you for that if you want that's fine ungracious in that way doug marrone in jacksonville also not a celebrity coaching higher so the point is the markets not outstanding but maybe outstanding markets celebrity hires are always way to go so pittsburgh steelers fans when you analyzes today and you're going why mike why mike why did you go that onside kick with two eighteen to go and he gives you this answer bubble let's play this this is what he said about his onside kick maybe you can be a little more patient let's listen i'm here in a we want to get the ball back you know we hadn't stopped them convincingly enough to to take any other approach in my opinion and who was my decision we'll can show is presented by progressive insurance that is not not good thinking by tomlin that is not i don't care if you're defense has given up as much as his defense head there's to eighteen to go you've got to timeouts okay all you did buy anzai kicking it and failing by the way failing at your on site cakes you have to factor that risk into your analysis is make it so the jags only had to go nine yards nine they didn't get a first down they did not get one nine yards and then the game icing field goal is theirs for the taking now you booth that kick off and you make the same stop down the field hold them to that nine yards no first down and you get the ball back with plenty of time left on the clock twominute warning to timeouts you have time to put it in ben roethlisberger is hands to tide that game i i mean.

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