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That they might be facing a by the way i knew they would be facing because Their parents marriage was in trouble. So i I always. I always suggested that the cause of death was something other than suicide and i'm not the sort of person who believes in being in the closet about anything so it was an odd way for me to behave and yet still. My children are now Covered by the age. Discrimination act So but i still believe in my heart that they should not be told that someone made that choice someone close to them or they should not have been told. Let me put it that way. Because i i never wanted them to to believe on any level that was an acceptable solution. You anything judy. Well you're not alone in this Way of handling this information. This is characteristic of many many many people faced with susan. In fact there's so many unreported suicides for exactly the reason that you're describing a sense of protecting and and to to keep someone mentally free from this terrible illusion that they they might achieve something by by following the example but i'll tell you the truth they will find out and they will have to deal with it. Judy collins hewison email from leave. Who says i am as suicide survivor of my own suicide. I accept responsibility for my own actions and sought help though. I do not ethics blamed for all this. I must say that. The daily judgmental messages from my family were translated in me as die. Yup so when you say. There is a social stigma for families have suicides. I cannot say that this is totally on. Just oh absolutely. There's there's a sense of outrage and anger that comes up on the part of the would be suicide and the or the completed suicide in the family members family members have a right to be outraged. They have a history of having been been sent to coventry of having been robbed of all their possessions of having their loved ones buried in on hallowed ground of having society pile guilt upon them guilt upon guilt upon guilt. So it's a very confusing issue. It's even hard nowadays to get very few jewish in in a in the cemetery that's Consecrated it's hard to find someone who will perform certain ceremony so we are just on the cusp of understanding. That suicide as cancer was treated thirty years ago. Same deal family condemnation secrecy punishment. We don't want to see it here at talk about it nobel now. We know that we talk about it and we learn about it and the more information can get the better. That's also my answer to the woman who spoke before emily the more information we can get the better and secrets. Don't stay secrets..

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